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My Pokemon Chronicles in Hoenn: My PokeChronicles (Number 3: Hoenn) Part 3 The: Note

by Storm The Fabulous

Storm The Fabulous After capturing Mudkip I recieved a note from a unknown trainer.
After I told my friends all, they were happy. I went through the house to look and I found a letter that was directed... to me? I told my friends this. They were surprised. It said:

You have been invited to a challenge of 2/2 pokemon in the third house of route 3. We expect you there at 4:30. Don't forget to bring your friends.

Anonymus Trainer

We were surprised he knew about us, but still we went at the right time.

The house was beautifil outside. Tim may have passed by but I never thought this was going to happen to me !

While Amy was admiring the house, I decided to knock the door and...
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  1. LokaMocha
    I love this so far, keep up the good work!
    Mar 1, 2016
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