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My Pokemon Chronicles in Hoenn: My PokeChronicles (Number 3: Hoenn) Part: 2 A Legend Made Mystery

by Storm The Fabulous

Storm The Fabulous They've always said you could not find a Lv. 1 pokemon since Johto Region, but the impossible did happen!
I found a Lv. 1 Mudkip! I couldn't believe my eyes. I remember rubbing my eyes like 10 times before I realized it was true. But then I looked closer and he was not far away! He was really small. I decided I was gonna capture him by surprise.

I was astonished. My friend left me and Amy to capture a Mudkip! Well, who would not want a starter in a whole new region, since his homeland is the Unova region he has only an Oshawott and left in his PC all his other Pokemon.

I threw the Pokeball to Mudkip and waited until complete catch. he got out! and he realized I was there. So he tried to run, but before he realized he was surrounded by water, it was too late. He was crying for help, drowning. So I told him to take my hand, and he did! I saved his life. Mudkip now wanted to come with me.When I came back, my friends wanted to know everything...
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  1. Storm The Fabulous
    Storm The Fabulous
    Wonder why is it a mystery to find in Hoenn a Lv. 1 Pokemon?
    Mar 17, 2016
  2. Storm The Fabulous
    Storm The Fabulous
    Before you read this, ask this: why is the title it has is the title?
    Feb 28, 2016