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My Original Project Pokemon Team

by Dim Dim

Untitled presentation (2).jpg
Dim Dim Yes I do play Roblox. My username is BadBoomerBox, and my new account is called Destructor_Zoroark.

Infernape - Starter

Roserade - Strogest team member

Gyarados - I needed a water type and I knew Gyarados was a ideal Pokemon

Nidoqueen - I knew Nidoran female's last evolution was Nidoqueen, and I though Nidoqueen would be strong against some type matchups

Togekiss - Gift from Misty

Pidgeot - First Pokemon I caught traded it with my friend :'( RIP PIDGEOT

Dragonite - Dragonite is strong and I replaced Pidgeot with it

None of the images belong to me.
  1. Tatzu

    Meloetta: Traded a Volcarona for it

    Manaphy: Found it a Mt.moon BEFORE i even beat the Fourth Gym

    Garchomp: Found it as a Gible on Victory

    Hydreigon (Shiny): Got it from the Mystery Gift

    Thundurus: Got him from the Guy in Pewter City

    Crobat: The Best Pokemon on my Team, I have had him since Mt.Moon Before i Beat the Second Gym

    If you wondering where and what my Starter was, I traded it to my Second account, It was a Charmander that Evolved but was the Worst Pokemon on my Team
    Nov 26, 2016
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  2. BooBerry
    As a fellow player of ROBLOX, I'll tell you MY team in Project Pokemon ^^
    Delibird (shiny) - One of my very FIRST shinies in project pokemon. I got back on the Christmas event in the game ^^
    Gardevoir - A female Gardevoir who is probably strong. I caught her when this mystery guy told at the pokemon center near Brock's gym that there was a swarm of Ralts.
    Ivysaur- My starter in the game, but probably the weakest :p What I mean about weak is that is was probably a level higher that my two Eeveelutions.
    Glaceon- Like I said above, he is one of the weakest Pokemon in my team. I decided to get an ice type because I needed one for the next gym battles.
    Arcanine- One of my rare Pokémons during the journey. I was looking for one EVERYEHERE since I love a cute little fire dog that evolves into APOCALYPSE dog XD
    A few more Pokemon that are probably in my PC which I slightly remember:
    And many more :p

    That is the slightest I could remember so far ^^ BTW my username is CutecaramelappleXD1. Glad to have another bloxy member in 'charms ^^
    Nov 25, 2016
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