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My O.C

by PassIntoTheMeme

My O.C has the same Pokemon as me. (He is me bacically).
Name: Jon
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Appearance: Has a Stufful themed hoodie on and black joggers. He wears red trainers and has tanned skin. His hair is brown and looks kind of like bread. His eyes are dark green. His nose is a Bit red. He has a pokeball backpack.
About: He is very colourblind and usually mistakes normal Pokemon for shinies. He is smart but enjoys goofing around. He knows Taekwondo and is not afraid to defend himself. He is amazing at swimming. He is shy, bubbly, cocky, loud and wierd.
Pokemon 1
Pokemon: Stufful
Nickname: Malchahart but he usually calls her Stufful anyway.
Gender: Female
Accessories: A milky blue bow on her heck, it faces to her left.
Backstory: Jon's first Pokemon. He met her when he was diving in the sea near Proffessor Kukiu's house. He was being chased by a large Bruxish when he got hit by a boat, the Bruxish bit him. Stufful was running away from a girl trying to hug her when she fell in too. She flailed about and caught Bruxish's attention. It grabbed Stufful too. When Jon woke up he tried to free Stufful but couldn't, he asked Stufful to use a move on it, it was brutal swing, it was super effective and took Bruxish down. He took her to a Pokemon centre to heal her wounds. After they were both healed Stufful rolled a pokeball toward Jon with her head. He really liked her and caught her. The Pokemart guy was touched and gave her is bow tie.
Pokemon 2
Pokemon: Sallazle
Nickname: Bandit
Gender: Female (duh)
Accessories: A top hat with a pink stripe on it. And a cane that she keeps under her tale.
Backstory: Was a little baby Salandit getting bullied by Alolan Morowak. Jon was completing his trail but quit at the Totem Pokemon to help her. He used potions on her and helped her defeat the alolan marowak. He let her tag along and using only her and Stufful defeated Kiawe's trail. Their bond was strong and soon she evolved. He caught her because she was awesome. One day abra used some magic to give her a top hat and cane. She loved it and Jon decided to buy them for her.
Pokemon 3
Pokemon: Porygon-Z
Nickname: Ducky
Gender: None
Accessories: None but his body colours are switched (The red is where the blue was and the blue was where the red was.).
Backstory: When Jon was playing Games with his friend, Stufful and Bandit. The game crashed and a virus was detected, a porygon appeared and went into the console, he fixed the console just as it set on fire. Jon thanked it for saving their lives. It didn't become his Pokemon until a year later when he was battling some team skull grunts. All his Pokemon were stolen off him because he was 5 and couldn't fight back. Porygon zapped them and their Pokemon and they gave them back, they had stolen a Dubious Disk and an Up-Grade but gave it to Jon as well. He caught porygon and traded his friend. Porygon evolved and he named him Ducky.
Pokemon 4
Pokemon: Electrive
Nickname: Plugmonkey
Gender: Male
Accessories: Has a cable extension attached to his leg and a charger that p,ups into his back in case he gets weak.
Backstory: Jon was s.o.s chaining for exp. He chose to use Elekid for the chain. One Elekid called a Electabuzz. Elekid paralysed Jon bye mistake and his Pokemon weren't sure how to help. Electabuzz ran over and rummaged in Jon's bag, he could sense his weakness which was Paraylze Heals. He weakly managed to heal Jon. He tagged along and went to a Pokemon centre. They all healed up and Nurse Joy explained he had a rare disease that made him weak when exposed to Paralyse Heals. Jon bonked a pokeball on his head and he became his friend. Jon attached a special charger to his leg to stop him from being weak. He felt an electric jolt on his back. It was his Electrizer, it was responding to a Electabuzz. Jon gave Electabuzz the Electrizer and traded his friend. Electabuzz evolved into Electrive.
Pokemon 5
Pokemon: Flygon
Nickname: Flappy
Gaender: Male
Accessories: Has a tail extension, you'll find out later :|
Backstory: Jon had become the champion and set out to complete the pokedex, he started with the tapu quad. He had three and only needed Tapu Bulu to have them all. He was wandering in the desert hopelessly. He heard the cry of a distressed Pokemon. He followed the cries and found a Mother flygon giving birth (I know, I know. Pokemon lay eggs but let's be real here. Mankey is a monkey, monkeys are mammals, what would he do. GIVE BIRTH!!!! So I'm my story's Pokemon that would lay eggs lay them and mammals give birth. Dragons lay eggs in story's but they don't exist so I can chose >:3), a Krokorock and Sandile were attacking her and her one born baby. Jon ran over to help. He sent all his Pokemon. He told Stufful to use fighting moves against them and after a tough battle she beat them. The mother seemed to be having twins now. As Jon could see tail he gasped he didn't know much about them but he was certain Trapinch didn't have tails. A shadow loomed over him and attacked flygon's stomach, it was a Krookodile, it must have been the mother of the two Stufful had defeated. Stufful attacked her and sent her into the pile of sand. Jon was worried and tried to pull the babies out when they were visible. One of the babies had died. For real, not fainted. It was dead. A cacoon of light appeared around it as it merged with its baby brother. Giving him the extra tail. Now he got a look at it he knew it wasn't a Trapinch, it was a Vibrava! He couldn't explain it but it happened. THREE TIMES! Jon spent a few weeks with them, helping them. Vibrava was so grateful for Jon's help and decided to go into Jon's bag for some food. He found a pokeball and tossed it in the air, it boncked him on the head and caught him. Jon found the pokeball on the ground wobbling. He tossed it and it opened, revealing Vibrava. He took him with him in his travels.
Pokemon 6
Pokemon: Wishiwashi
Nickname: Jaws
Gender: Male
Accessories: Black Shades, a gold necklace with the words FISH on it and a grey SnapBack.
Backstory: Jon was comepleting Lana's trial when a wishiwashi splashed him with water causing him to fall into the totem Wishiwashi's Z move, he was badly hurt and roared out at Stufful thinking it was her. Stufful whimpered and he saw the wishiwashi splash water everywhere, he apologised to Stufful and the totem Pokemon lifted him up to Lana. Lana hurried him to a Pokemon centre and he was all better. He went back and completed the trail. He scolded the wishiwashi for what he did. Wishiwashi made a dive ball design on the sand with a spit of water. Jon couldn't help love his cheeky timid attitude and remembered the dive ball he bought earlier. He couldn't understand how it had known he bought one though. He forgot about it and caught it.