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Katie's Hoenn Adventures: My New Adventure Entry!!

by Rainbowditto

Rainbowditto *dancing* Let's do this!
The blaring of an alarm is not exactly something you're used to hearing. Much less something you're used to waking up to. Therefore, it's perfectly logical that you wouldn't wake up to it. However, the only thing you hate more than waking up early, is waking up late. So again, it's logical that when you do wake up, you'd be upset. And of course by upset, you mean panicky. Which in your mind means absolute burning hatred for your own stupidity.
You stumble and trip over yourself as you pull on your black shorts and light purple tank top. You're almost ready, before you realize you forgot to put on a bra. You hiss and pull off the shirt, pull on a nice padded bra, and put the shirt back on. This wasn't going as you thought it would.
Dashing down the hotel stairs and grabbing your bag from the pokecenter hook was the easy part, but finding the research lab was the hard one. You grunt as you walk around town. You really didn't want to ask for help, but it seemed like that was the only way to find out where you were going. So you begrudgingly walk up to someone. You tap on their shoulder, ready to ask for directions, but that's when you hear the call for help. You automatically whip around towards the town entrance. Looking back at the person who's shoulder you tapped, you head out towards the wilderness.
A slightly chubby person lay on the ground, a pelipper snapping it's beak at him angrily. Which came off as odd, considering you're at Mauville city, and pelipper prefer to live by the ocean. You shrug, and dash to the man's side.
"Please," he says, "You look responsible, take one of the pokemon from my bag and save us!!" You blink at the man. What? Who would just go around handing out pokemon in the middle of the- "PLEASE!" oh yeah, there was a guy there. You leap over to the bag and grab a random pokeball and toss it on the battlefield. A mudkip... Not your first choice, but it seems you don't have one.
"Bubble!" you shout, "Then duck and try to use tackle!" The mudkip complies, but it's obviously too weak to defeat the pelipper. You grit your teeth and instinctively place your hand on your pokeball holder. But as you suspected, there's nothing there. You had left your Kalos team at the Kalos daycare before you flew out to Hoenn. You had wanted a fresh start, but this was turning out to be a bad start.
Just then, a trainer burst through the underbrush. His face was round and his hair was a gentle green color. He reached to his pokeball holder and whipped out a single pokemon. Kirlia. You grin and dash over to his side. This was going to be a fun double-battle.
"Hey friendo," You say turning to him, "Name's Katie. What's yours?" He looks at you and blinks, before he spreads a smile. "Wally!" He says. The pelipper turns it's attention to you and Wally, but this time you're ready.
"Leaf Blade!" "Bubble!"
The pelipper is hit hard by the Leaf Blade, and the mudkip's Bubble seemed to have finished it off. It turns to fly away, and you let out a whoop in triumph. The man trots over to you and smiles. "Thank you!" he says, "You may keep the mudkip, he seems to have had fun with you. His name is Fin!" You blink. Well ok.
Wally chuckles lightly as the two of you watch the man walk away. You join him before you remember what you came to Hoenn to do in the first place.
You turn to Wally. "Hey uh," you start, "Where is the closest gym. I just came here from Kalos." Wally blink at you and soon a large smile grows across his face. "Well, the closest gym is here, but you should go fight Roxanne first" You nod, and smile at him before you turn to walk back into Mauville City's entrance. This morning has been a wild ride, but you're ready to start your second adventure with this mudkip.