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My name is cro

by Cro

Cro well this is from a rp
So. So what if my hair is white and my eyes are purple. people acknowledge me because of who i am. When i was 5, my parents were capture by team rocket and i never seen them again. I don't want to think they died but hey, it's life. A year later my best friend, his name is red, almost drowned because he can't swim. I almost drowned trying to save him. But again, i always smile so i don't bring others down in a bad mood. My journey started when i was 10 along with red, I wanted to not become the best but to see him become the best!
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  1. Cro
    i'll make more and tell more if people like it, if you contribute enough i may tag you along into a rp to watch
    Aug 4, 2015