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Season 3: (Project Dino): My Lying Coverup Update (read if you care, also Sero art)

by donald.duck

donald.duck (the art is at the end of the post)
Hello, it's me Tododeku (thas my name now, and no I don't ship it). I just wanted to tell you about how I said that I would post a lot more art on this site during my break, but guess what. I've posted one piece of art. And it sucked too. Jesus would be disappointed. Well, I just wanted to clear things up. I will be posting something tomorrow and two pieces of art a week from there. I'm committed right now. This is happening. If I can find my digital art pen I can draw a Christmas special. I'm gonna draw Sero for Christmas because he is actually the best boy.

So, you will usually find Boku No Hero Academia art on this account from this day forward. I will hardly post Pokémon art even though this site is called Pokecharms. Anyway, I have to discuss some stuff for this update as well.

So, if you wanna roleplay I'm always down to roleplay. I'm involved in a BNHA role play currently that takes place some years after the events of the original season. So if you wanna roleplay then I might be able to roleplay with you because I love being someone I'm not. That was a joke, I love myself.
This is gonna be a hassle. If this gets too crazy then I will shut down this mailbox. I tried to request one time, it was too much for my middle school mind to handle. I'll try to take as many requests as I can, but if I really can't right then please don't insist I draw it. You don't need to pay me. Unless your into that stuff.

(Sero best boy)
  1. SS-I Never
    SS-I Never
    I have been summoned!
    And just so you know, I am everyone and everything all at the same time.
    Dec 20, 2018
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  2. E.K.A.N.S.
    Dec 20, 2018
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  3. donald.duck
    (yes that is sero from cook by the book, he's the easiest to draw)
    Dec 20, 2018
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