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My Life on Pokecharms

by Mewtwofan259

Mewtwofan259 For my 1000 Likes Special, I'll tell you about the Story of my life on Pokecharms!
Hello everyone! I'm so grateful that I was able to get to 1000 Likes, and I have you guys to thank for it! (Glances at Likes) Okay, so maybe I'm a little late... But thank you all for getting me to 1300 Likes! Now, I'll tell you how I got started on Pokecharms, and how my life changed.
My favorite YouTuber used to be this guy called Chuggaaconroy. I don't watch him much anymore, but back then he was the best YouTuber in my eyes. He did a few Pokémon Lets Plays, and so I looked up on YouTube, "Chuggaconroy Pokémon.' One of the videos that came up was a video showing the evolution of his teams over his Pokémon Career. They did this through Trainer Cards, that were labeled, 'Pokecharms'

That's how it started. I made a Pokecharms Account, going by the name of Mewtwofan259 on August 3rd, 2014. (Hey, that's three days from now! This is my early three year anniversary as well! Thank you for sticking with me for this long). As Mewtwo was my favorite Pokémon, and my favorite Number is 259. Another series I liked was Screw Attack's Death Battle. I thought this was so cool, and I wanted to make my own. As I was on a Pokémon Website, I thought Pokemon only Death Battles were appropriate. So, I released Death Battle! Mewtwo vs Deoxys, using the hosts of Screw Attack's Death Battle, Wiz and Boomstick in it. It was awful. This'll come up later, but I did no research, and it was completely Sloppy... I made a few more Death Battles. Darkrai vs Giratina and Stunfisk vs Dunsparce. I even got a collaborator to help me with it! Their name was @The Gullible Robonyan.

Here's where my Accusation Comes in. Nobody knows about this, but a feel like you guys deserve to know... @Teapot was the one who suggested Stunfisk vs Dunsparce. In my young mind, this meant that I was popular, and people were taking notice, including the Admins! I released it, and Teapot gave some constructive criticism. No Paragraphs, mostly... I deleted my battles, and blamed Teapot for it. I told Robo she did it, and because of that, I got a serious warning... Teapot, if your reading this... I am incredibly sorry. There's no reason why I did that 3 Years ago... but, I'm sorry.

I got myself together, Robo and I were friends again, and I made more battles. By Umbreon vs Espeon, I got a new less sloppier style. My battles still weren't good though... But, then... Robo was banned. My best friend was gone. I did a few battles by myself, but then, I got a new collaborator. @Lord Of Pain. This guy was amazing. It was then when my battles started to shape up.

I haven't mentioned this yet, but I have a long history of warnings. From stealing art, to posting noncreative work, to breaking RP Rules. I'm sorry for all these offenses, and I blame nobody except for myself.

I'm done with the pity party. Now, I used to RP a lot. Like, a lot. There are a ton of RPs that died out that I was a part of, but while I was RPing, I met @Eeveechu151. He was a really nice guy too. We got to talking, and I recruited him as the 3rd Member of my squad. Oh, one more Self-Pity thing. After I recruited Eeveechu, I got mad for him having a different opinion on how battles should be made. I tried to fire him. I was the bad guy, trying to win an argument with this guy, but in the end, we worked everything out, and now we're still great friends working on the battles forever.

I once changed my name to LTTDZOR. This was because I was planning a written work series called Wrath. The first letters of each of the characters names spelled out LTTDZOR. It got cancelled, though. But back on topic, Eeveechu gave me tips, and my battles became great. They were no longer sloppy, and I gained a lot of fans. Eeveechu started his own series, Clash of Code, where I met one of my greatest friends, @Il Fantasma.

I had a biggest fan, @TooBlue12, and I got more friends, such as @TheAnnoyingHo-Oh, @EonVulpix, @SismicFlareCharmander, @StarBlitz, and @ProfessorSticks. I got a brand new collaborator too. @PeridotPikipek. Things were looking good, I still work on Clash of Code and Death Battle with my friends and here I stand. The most Popular Pokecharms Author, with 1300 Likes. Thank you all!
  1. DopeLeafeon470
    Way to go, dude!
    I mean, not from an obsessed Rotom-owner who makes Death Battles that are totally not yours, not to mention how unpopular mine are.
    Aug 3, 2017
    PeridotPikipek likes this.
  2. Il Fantasma
    Il Fantasma
    I seriously dunno why or how you don't have more likes. You deserve so many more! Congrats on 1300+ likes, and thanks for being a great friend~! >3<
    Aug 1, 2017
  3. Shrine
    Congratulations! ~(≧▽≦)/~~(≧▽≦)/~~(≧▽≦)/~~(≧▽≦)/~~(≧▽≦)/~

    @Eeveechu151's comment almost made me cry XD
    Aug 1, 2017
  4. Mechanist Gamma
    Mechanist Gamma
    You've come a long way, Mewtwo. You've really developed as a writer and RPer, and I'm happy to call you one of my best online pals. Which means a lot. As @SismicFlareCharmander so aptly put it, here's to many more! In terms of likes, works and RPs! *raises mug of butterbeer*
    Aug 1, 2017
  5. SismicFlareCharmander
    Ay, I'm there. Hi mom!

    Also good job on reaching 1000 likes. Here's to many more!
    Aug 1, 2017
  6. Skippidypowpow
    You are awesome, though.
    Jul 31, 2017
  7. Skippidypowpow
    Me and Lunar are right behind you for most popular writers. I'm at 1,300 as well.
    Jul 31, 2017
  8. Mewtwofan259
    Jul 31, 2017
  9. Staroid
    Congratulations, that's all I can say. Heck, I hope for you to get 3000 likes!
    Jul 31, 2017