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My Life as a Pokemon Trainer: My Life as a Pokemon Trainer - Kanto - Part 1

by avae

I will be telling this story in the eyes of my usual RP character, Elijah, which is my name in real life. I know, very creative. .-. Anyways, I got into Pokémon from the Anime, I've seen all 800+ episodes to date, most of them 2-3 times at that. I eventually got into the TCG and then the games. My first game was Pokémon Yellow on the Gameboy Color. And, I've played every game since then. Anyways, enough of my backstory, let's get into My Life as a Pokémon Trainer. this will be a series seeing as Elijah had traveled through all 7 current regions.

I would live in Pallet Town, Kanto (I know, even more creative). I'd start my journey at 10 years young, the normal age, late as usual to receive my first Pokémon. As I arrive at Professor Oak's Laboratory, he has seemingly bad news to tell me. There were not any more starter Pokémon to be handed out. I was heartbroken, but he managed to cheer me up. "it's much more fun to catch your Pokémon, I suggest giving it a try." So that's what I did. I took his 10 Pokeballs, my Kanto Region Pokedex, backed my bags, and took off.

On my way to Pewter city to obtain my first Kanto Region Gym Badge, I was stopped by a cloud of smoke emanating from the crowded forest to my left. I ran into the deep forest to offer my help to anyone who needed it. Most of the Pokémon seemed to be escaping in an orderly fashion, but something caught the corner of my eye. A lime-green shape was lying under fallen lumber. I rushed to the pile of timber and lifted up a few pieces of it. It was a Scyther. I helped it up and took it to a Pokémon center, and we became great friends.

Nearing Pewter City, I managed to catch an Abra lost in the woods, it proved to be a very helpful member to the team. We finally made in to town and I challenged the Gym Leader, Brock, with my new friends. We ended up with a draw, but later rechallenged him and claimed victorious. My first Gym Badge. With that I went on my merry wait to the Cerulean Gym. Along the way, I met a very good friend by the name of, Ray, we would become best of friends as time went on. Along the way to Cerulean, I managed to catch another member of my ever-growing team, Charmander. After being torn from is family, it was barely making by in the harsh wilderness. I had found it, and taken it to the Pokémon Center to get it cleaned up, medical attention, and food. Charmander grew a liking to Scyther, and had to come along.

We finally managed to reach the Cerulean city gym just 2 weeks following the earning of my first Gym Badge from Pewter City. I challenged the Gym Leader Misty, and during the battle, Abra evolved into Kadabra! With that evolution, we managed to pull off another victory, and earn my second Gym Badge. We began training more and more everyday to become stronger. We worked on battle strategies, and discovered the use of combination moves. once we mastered those, we were virtually unstoppable. Our next destination was Vermillion City, home of Surge, the Electric-Type Gym Leader.
  1. TheForgettingBacon
    ill do one too for kayo mainly
    Sep 9, 2017
  2. The Delivery Pancham
    The Delivery Pancham
    Why me?! I can't have this happ---

    Let's do this >:D
    Sep 9, 2017
  3. _Ziruminous
    Well done, this is really cool!
    Sep 9, 2017