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My legendary pokemon:Valtrap

by NerdyNinja

NerdyNinja you guys know my two legendary pokemon Glaciawkes and tyrupter right? well here is the third of the trio, Valtrap
Compaction pokemon
weight:856.5 lbs.
Pokedex Entry: It was created by a wizard of great power long ago in a great battle , it still hunts for it's enemy of fire to this day, it uses it's arms to reach at opponents and toss them high in the air, it is very well indestructible
Fun fact: This is MINDBLOWING! I soon discovered this after I made him, you know winx club right? then you'd know bloom, and in season 3 her enemy valtor, well, he is the ancient wizard, and valtrap is hunting for bloom, and he also has heatproof, so maybe that is to counter bloom's fire attacks! Cool huh? I didn't realize this till later XD