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My journey through pokemon

by Espeon_aura

I only started playing pokemon when I was 6. I found it on my shelves as I think I got it as a present for my 5th birthday. Being a clueless 6 year old, by the 3rd gym I had a level 42 Emboar and a level 2 Patrat. I enventually restarted the game but I didn't exactly turn over a new leaf then.

By the 6th gym I had a level 50 krookodile and a level 51 samurott and a herdier level 23.
Eventually, after various playthroughs, I learnt a lot. Probably by the time I was nine and pokemon x had come out, what ev training was. By that point I had played about 7 pokemon games and I knew what type charts competitive battling was and team building.

Since then I have become a pokemon maniac and I know sssooooo much for an eleven year old on the subject.

My current team for pokemon black is a level 83 metagross, 81 tyranitar, 84 smaurott, 84 krookodile,
79 leavanny and a level 82 darmanitan.
  1. Espeon_aura
    Haha:) I never got as far as ghetsis but I had a level 51 emboar at chargestone cave. Its funny how we've changed
    Jan 22, 2017
  2. Mr Fishykarp
    Mr Fishykarp
    I did the exact same thing with Emboar. I reach Ghetsis, I've steamrolled the entire game with my level eighty Emboar, then he one shots Emboar and I have a bunch of Level Thirties against Ghetsis.
    Jan 22, 2017