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My Introduction

by Jadex Srin

Jadex Srin Hi there, I'm Jadex. Technically, I'm new here, since I've never posted anything here. However, I have come here to make Trainer Cards. This guy here is Jadex Srin, the namesake for this and most other profiles I make.
He...has had an odd life. He was born as a human in Castelia City, but after an experience with the Ruins of Alph, a Fraxure he was training, the Unown, and an Arceus, he became a Zangoose/human hybrid.
The differences, you ask? Well, from having a weird muzzle, (That's my fault...) he's taller, being 5'1", has four fingers instead of the thumb and claws at the end. The two claws themselves are located in the wrists and come out Wolverine style on both arms.
He currently lives in in a large apartment located at his hometown, Castelia City in Unova, with some...odd roommates. Due to some backstory which I DO NOT FEEL LIKE EXPLAINING DUE TO DEPTH, he lives live a MLP stallion named Agile.
I have more pictures that are already made and wish to post here. If you see this, well, keep an eye out.
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  1. GamingGrovyle64
    Well, Welcome to Pokecharms @Jadex Srin ! I Like this OC. :)
    May 31, 2015
  2. Astralpunk
    Welcome to Pokécharms, Jadex Srin! :)
    May 31, 2015