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A Mediocre My Hero Series (MMHS): My Hero: The Test! III + The New Era (Chapter Fifteen)

by Canadian_Fish

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Welcome to the last episode of this series, Hopefully it wasn't too bad.
But hold onto it. It'll be back by November 10th. That, ladies and gentlemen, is the official release date.
Sokudo was tasked with running the people in need of saving back to the first-aid camp, Deku was clearing the rubble, and Eiko was looking from high up. Occasionally, when he passed their area, he could hear Bakugo... 'rescuing' people...
Once they found a larger group, to speed it up, Sokudo would carry two, sometimes even three. Sokudo made sure that they stuck somewhat close to the first-aid station.
True, Sokudo could cross the arena once withing a matter of three to five seconds, but it would take a lot out of him.
Sokudo was already panting, and they were only two miles from the first aid station.
"Ladies and gentlemen, a group of terrorist has arrived"
Sokudo was confused at first. He was currently at the first aid station, when an explosion rang out, and Gang Orca and a bunch of 'villains' ran out.
"Will you fight?"
"Or will you run?"
Sokudo noticed Shindo running to create a front line.
I guess I'll join him.
Sokudo ran at the villains from behind, and began taking them out in rows of five.
I don't have a name for this move, but Deku called it 'Delaware Smash'... How'd he pull it off, anyways? His quirk is telekinesis...
He shot off five, his fingers had gotten stronger, so it didn't break, but it stung. A lot.
He then zipped through the ranks, tripping and incapacitating.
He got cornered a couple of times, but dodged the moment he saw their fingers begin to pull the trigger.
As for Shindo, he was hammering at Gang Orca with tremors.
Once Sokudo saw an opening with Gang Orca, he took it.
He didn't put everything he had in it, but still enough that it could blow something away.
"Meteor Impact!"
Gang Orca was tossed into the air.
Again, his arm wasn't broken, but Sokudo had felt it, it had been very close.
Shindo was on the ground, paralyzed by Orca's sound-wave attack.
Sokudo grabbed Shindo and ran passing Todoroki on the way.
"Good luck with them."
He was stopped by another line of them.
Damn, the only escape is one that's too long for me to cover before I wear out... I guess i'm fighting..
"Move!" Shindo shouted, blasting the villains off of their feet.
"I though Orca paralyzed you..."
"My brain is used to the vibrations, its-"
Sokudo and Shindo narrowly dodged a stray flame, if it hadn't been for Deku, who tossed them both out of the way with his Quirk.
"What are you two doing?" Deku shouted at Todoroki and Inasa
"Oi Deku, let me help down there."
"Are you sure?"
"I'm not dead yet."
Sokudo launched himself at the villains.
He purposely slammed into the ground as hard as he could, causing a small upturn in the earth around him.
He lit himself on fire.
Now we see if this suit holds.
Sokudo saw a spot where the earth was loose, positioned his hand near it, and swiped up.
The rocks knocked a few unconscious, and made a few stumble.
Sokudo sent them flying with a flick of two.
Gang Orca won't fly so easily, but by the looks of it, Todoroki and Inasa have control of him now.
Sokudo ran back to Deku.
"The last of the villains are down, It's up to Gang Orca to do any actual damage now." Sokudo said.
They made it back to the first aid camp.
More explosions close to Gang Orca.
You've gotta be kidding...
Sokudo ran back to the villains.
I have just enough to stall for Todoroki and Inasa until the time ends.
Sokudo wanted to try an attack he'd tested at ultimate moves training once, but wasn't sure.
No, I'll do it... I guess, we only have a little time left, what could go wrong?
He focused the flames to his whole body, and then forced the electricity into their place.
I can only stay in this form for a few minuts...
He jumped up and slammed himself into the ground.
Upturn all around him. The villains went soaring.
Since he was already worn out, he had twenty seconds left in this form.
He raised his hand and forced everything out at the villain.
A spiral of the released electricity and sparks flew, striking most of the villains unconscious.
He would now have to work quirkless for the remaining two minutes.
"Was that the last of your quirk?" Todoroki asked
The villains ran at him.
"Todoroki, I'm gonna get as many as possible away, but focus on Gang Orca."
Sokudo ran for his life.
He made it back to the first aid camp a little while before the villains.
"Where's Shindo? Or Eiko? I need someone with a combat quirk."
"Why?" Deku asked
"My quirk's run out, and the cooldown is gonna be a while..." Sokudo pointed back at the villains
"I got it."
Deku tossed them up and slammed them into the ground.
Sokudo took off his bag and pulled out one of the waters he'd shoved in the bag.
"Time's up."
The spirals of wind and fire shut off entirely. Gang Orca stood in the middle, barely standing.
They lined up by school in front of a giant screen.
"The names of those who've passed are in syllabary order..."
"So... So... So..."
His name stood alone.
Sokudo, Hikari

He'd done it.

Sokudo walked his dorm straight from the bus later that afternoon, and sent All Might and Jinn a picture of his Provisional License.

~The next morning, the streets.
The world has become one big, crazy place after All Might's disappearance, and in some ways, not for the better.
I was recently scouted for the league of villains, and they told me to help them grow once I was trained.

"Ah, there's a few that look like they could do some damage..."

Little did I know the man I was about to recruit would change the course of the league, for the better.

~A little later.

"Who'd you bring?"
"Found him out in the streets, and if we're already strong, then he'd be far over us."

"What's his name?"

A long pause to see if the man would introduce himself.

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