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My Grass Starter Fakemon

by Bualoy

Bualoy Im not good at drawing so i do them in pixel haha. I also not good at English so i dont know if their name sound stupid or not LOL
#001 Cottana (Cotton+Banana)
Cotton bat Pokemon
inspired by Honduran white bat also know as Caribbean white tent-making bat
Type: Grass/Flying
#002 Blossbat (Banana blossom+Bat)
Blossom Pokemon
Type: Grass/Flying
#003 Battanee(Bat+Tanee)
Spirit Pokemon
inspired by Nang Tanee or Lady Tanee (the spirit of Banana tree . She's one of the most popular Thai Ghost) the thing on her head is Called Chada crown but made with banana
Type: Grass/Ghost
btw this is my first post ever hope you like it ♥
  1. Bualoy
    @Willow Tree I'm glad you like it < 3
    btw I'm Thai myself so i made my region based on Thailand
    Nov 30, 2020
  2. Willow Tree
    Willow Tree
    This is really creative! I especially love the part where you based the design off of a Thai ghost and gave them a banana crown.
    Nov 29, 2020
    Bualoy likes this.