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Pokemon Stories: My First Legendary

by CloudLine64

CloudLine64 This is about my first legendary pokemon which I got from a card.
Also,sorry about the change of the boldness....malfunctions.
As a young Cloud walked on New Moon Island's beaches,she looked at the water around the island. There was nothing special about it,infact,all there was water. She sighed as Mystic tugged on her hand,and they went on. But as they went on,a storm started to appear,making the waves bigger. Soon enough,they became gigantic,much bigger than any wave Cloud's ever seen.
She picked up Mystic and ran off of the tropical beach. She eyed a shine of light in the darkness,but it was quickly overruled by lightning. They watched as the waves crashed onto the beach,capturing some of the young,unfortunate,pokemon that now were dragged into the sea. But,something was pushed to shore,as if the other pokemon were sacrifices for this one.
Cloud dashed down the plateau and picked up the pokemon. As she ran back to Mystic,a wave tangled into her body,pulling her in. The pokemon she saved was thrown into Mystic's arms,waking up. Cloud struggled against the current,but she remembered her lesson of currents. She quickly changed directions and swam off to the side. The pokemon,now fully awoken,saw the young girl was tired and looking like she was about to drown. It flew up into the middle of the storm and closed it's eyes. A mist floated around it,somehow making everything calm. When the sky became blue again,Cloud was washed up on shore. Mystic ran down and held Cloud as best as he could. The mysterious pokemon appeared in front of them,it now was glowing.
The young pokemon sat around a fire,Cloud's sleeping body the closet to the flames. They talked quickly and short,not wanting to awake Cloud. All they were was strangers,which Cloud told Mystic to stay away from. Mystic leaned back and looked at the sky,seeing the moon,stars,and no clouds. As he grew tired,a head popped in front of his. But,he soon fell asleep,the young pokemon alone once more.
It was running away from it's home,which it could tell the young human was doing too. It felt like attacking the two strangers,but something held it back.
They're different....but aren't all of them?.....Yes,but they're a good different....don't hurt them....you'll regret it.
It flew to the beach,looking at the water. There was nothing,why was it so interesting. Then something happened,a hallucination of the young one swam off to the side. The young pokemon was confused about this,why that way? Why not just go straight to the shore? But it remembered the youngling was tired,and struggling.
What was the child doing?
It glided on the beach,thinking of the Abra's action. It was shocked,and was about to go in itself. But why didn't it? These questions of human society and humans themselves confused the young pokemon,so it didn't wonder it. A cough came from the fire,the Manaphy realizing that the child was waking.
The Manaphy sat in front of the youngling,waiting. The child's eyes opened,full of energy. She looked at the young pokemon,realizing it was a Manaphy. But,it's eyes weren't a deep blue,infact,they were a bright pink! The Manaphy tilted it's head,wondering what Cloud was thinking.
"H-Hi. I'm Cloud. C-Can you be my pokemon?"she pulled out a pokeball and pointed to it.
The Manaphy clapped it's flipper-like hands and hopped in,the pokeball catching it. It then came out and clapped again,Cloud hugged it.
"Can I name you Seadrop?"Cloud questioned,it nodded. Mystic woke up,and Seadrop played with him and Cloud. They laughed together,waiting for a pokemon or boat to pick them up. Soon enough,they were able to get one back to the main island.
See,they're a good different.....Thank you for making me listen to you....I now see they're my home....That can never be taken away....
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  1. CloudLine64
    Thanks! I have others if you want more!(Self promotion is self promotion. I'm stupid....derps.)
    Jan 24, 2015
  2. Azur
    Aww, such a nice story!
    Jan 24, 2015