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My Favorite Pokemon

by Dim Dim

fav pokemon.png
Dim Dim Lucario - I love the color of Lucario and it's design, it's very unique! Also if you need a Pokemon on your team that can kick rear ends, Lucario's got your back.

Weavile - Again, I love the style of Weavile. But I thought of it as another regular pokemon my Lucario can easily beat up. I got interested in the warriors series and I thought of a name like no other - Dimtail. Dimtail was split into Dim, and with Weavile being dark type, I thought it really suited it. Also, if you teach Weavile more TMs, it'll kick more rear ends.

Purrloin - Cats are my favorite animals, but there were no cats that represented mine, except for Purrloin's shiny form. I've grown to love it a lot since I discovered it's shiny form.

Buizel - When I made Splash my Pokesona, I grown to love it's cuteness and thought that once evolved, it can get very powerful.

Roserade - In Project Pokemon, I picked up a Budew and leveled it up a lot, because at first I had to win lots of battles with it to get happiness, but I was wrong, I had to use a Happiness/Friendship Ribbon. By the second gym, I think Budew was level 30 at that time, and once I got to Vermillion City, I figured out how to evolve it, and it won me my 3rd badge. I later evolved it again and Roserade became my best pokemon on my team.

Marshadow - I thought Marshadow was a cute and interesting pokemon. I mean, spouting out blue/green flames when angry? Also, I find it's typing cool, because I don't know any other pokemon with that typing. Lastly, Marshadow's Z-move is amusing, 7 Star Soul Eating Strike? AWESOME!!!
  1. La Serenissima
    La Serenissima
    They are all cute(+ it's awesome someone plays PP or BB :))
    Feb 12, 2017
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