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My Favorite...: My Favorite Grass Starters!

by LokaMocha

My fav grass types.png
LokaMocha This is a little thing I'm starting where I draw some of my favorite Pokemon! Whether it be by region, type, or some other thing! You can ask in the comments what my favorite types are and I will draw them ( kinda like an ask me thing ) also I will be telling why they are my favorite so, enjoy! So, just to start things off I started with my fav Grass Types. Treecko is one of my favorites because he was the first Pokemon I ever layed my eyes on when I was hatching eggs on my cousins Emerald version. Turtwig is my most favorite personal Pokemon, because it is the first Pokemon that I ever owned. And lastly Bulbasaur. This has a little backstory behind it. Me and my brother always have battles during the games. He usually picks the fire types, and I usually go with either the grass or the water types. For all of the 1st gen games. My brother always picks Charmander. I always pick Bulbasaur. We battle during the games to show eachother who's is stronger. I normally win because I focus on stats and status conditions and other things, while my brother only focuses on attack. Welp! That took like 15 minutes to type, WOOHOO 4 ME! I hope you guys enjoyed! I am open to any of your guys request on what I should do next! :p
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  1. DaPKMNMastr
    I like ALL Of Them!
    Apr 11, 2016
  2. Rovenz
    Once Pokemon Sun and Moon comes out, I will make an art of my team and their hobbies. In the meantime, I will just rewatch Gravity Falls. :p
    Mar 23, 2016
  3. TwyxBar
    Mar 10, 2016
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