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My Favorite...: My Favorite Fire Starters!

by LokaMocha

My fav fire type starters.png
LokaMocha Ok so my favorite fire type starters WOOO!!!! To start things off we have the Shiny Charmander. My love for Charmander is farely new. When X and Y were released me and my brother were deciding on which Kanto starter we were going to choose. Instead of me going for Bulbasaur, I went for Charmander to see what all it could do. It turned out that I had a female shiny Charmander on my hands! Which, you all know, is Ruby. Ruby is now a full grown Charizard and wrecks my brothers Charizard 4 days. Now onto Cyndaquil. The Second ever Pokemon game I owned was Pokemon Soul SIlver. I wasn't really a fan of Chikorita, and Totodile wasn't really doing it for me ( #Don'tKillMePlease ), so I had to go with Cyndaquil. Little did I know that it would become one of my favorite Pokemon. I leveled up my Cyndaquil into a Typhlosion and wrecked everything! Sadly I lost my SoulSIlver game so my awesome Typhlosion cannot live on. ( - le sigh - ) Finally we have Tepig! Now this goes along with my ' Sibling Rivalrys ' that me and my brother have. So for Pokemon Black and White my brother was going to choose the awesome snake Snivy. So just to be a butt I chose Tepig and HOLY CRAP did I make a good choice! Emboar is a really good Pokemon to have on a team! It wrecks so many houses!!! Ok I used wreck way too much in that :'| Whateves! Hope you guys enjoyed this!
  1. JerePony
    What about w-w-w-water s-starters?
    Mar 11, 2016
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