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My Pokemon Story: My Fanmade Pokemon Story

by Billy Joe

Billy Joe A story about a sandshrew that will become something more than an abandoned Pókemon
The day went by pretty normally, scavenge for food,avoid the houndoom,and think about my old trainer. He was kind, and loving, until he found a shiny sandshrew, the rest is pretty much a blur All I remember is being cast out of his team. It was heartbreaking. But then, a mysterious young boy came by the alley. What is he doing, I thought. This place is too dangerous for a rookie trainer like him(I can tell he was a rookie because he only had a chimchar)! Then, he did the unthinkable, He went INTO THE HOUNDOOMS' TERRITORY! The houndoom attacked. I couldn't just stand by and watch him and that chimchar get mauled. So I jumped into battle,Something I hadn't done for 3 months. I used mud slap. Then magnitude. The trainer fought too. He looked at me and said, " Thanks!". I was shocked. He trusted that puny chimchar so much. And surprisingly,I trusted him. We held the houndoom off long enough to get away. Then that crazy trainer said something crazy,"Hi, I'm Connor. Wanna join Caeser and I on our journey?" I wasn't shocked that he called his chimchar "Caeser". I was surprised that he wanted a runty pokemon like me. I quickly nodded my head yes. He said " I'm gonna call you... Milo!" I liked it, Milo the sandshrew. Then we set off. I finally had someone who truly loved me. To be continued...