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My Debut (inspired by Pokémon XY Episode 60)

by AbbieEeveelutions

AbbieEeveelutions My debut has finally come. I'm telling the world about making my debut.
Spring was finally here. The sun was up in the sky blue sky, clouds almost looked like Altaria, and all the bird Pokémon flew back from the south back to Kalos. Laverre City was beautiful when it was springtime, but even more beautiful in the fall, in my opinion. My older sister Valerie looked at me with big, inspiring eyes, those encouraging eyes that helped me feel happy. Together we were the best of sisters. Then she said,
"Lavender, you are the best sister I have ever had. Go and make me proud!"
"Thanks for encouraging me sis!"
Then I threw on some clothes, and sleeping away at the gym door was Glace and Sylvie, my Glaceon and Sylveon. They were sisters, too. I woke them up and decorated both of them with adorable bows that were brand new, then set off for the Pokémon Showcase. When we got there, I changed into this Sparkly Bolero Dress that was black and pink, with glitter, and a pair of Black Bow Shoes, a Black Felt Hat, and a Black Strappy Purse that I borrowed from the performers' wardrobes. All of these clothing were not mine since I have my own clothes, but some of them I don't own. Then, I styled my long hair in a half ponytail. When it was my time to tell the world about making my debut, I grabbed lots of accessories and styled Glace and Sylvie. When I walked out on the runway, I was dazzling, like a Sylveon using Dazzling Gleam, but that's when it happened. Glace and Sylvie tripped. All the accessories I worked so hard to put on fell off. Before accepting defeat, I gave Glace and Sylvie one last hug. Valerie and the girls were worried about me. I was devastated, but I had to accept defeat. I watched as a performer named Lilly won with her shiny Flabébé, Floette, and Florges in all different flower colors. Valerie and the Furisode Girls congratulated me for the hard work, but I was still upset. Early the next morning, I went to the dock in Coumarine City to clear my mind, but I ended breaking down and crying in front of my own Pokémon! Glace and Sylvie tried to cheer me up, too, with tears in their eyes. Then, inspiration glowed in my heart. Then picked up Glace and Sylvie, with pride in my pure golden heart, and said to them,
"It's time to do this."
I looked in my "Makeup Box" and "Sewing Box" (I'm extremely good at sewing and knitting), I grabbed my scissors, and then flashbacks were in my head, then I made a serious face and cut my long hair so it could be short. I packed everything up and got ready the next morning with new clothes and a fresh start. Valerie and the girls noticed my new look, and were surprised that I finally cut my hair and wore new clothes, but still love me the way I am. They hugged me happily, and I was happy too.

Based off Pokémon XY Episode 60, where Serena makes her debut but loses in the showcase, and gets a haircut and makeover. Same thing with this short story, but different characters.

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