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My Changetale AU #1: Swaps

by PikyThePikachu

PikyThePikachu Asriel AND Chara Are In Sans AND Papyrus' Roles. Let Me Explain.
Asriel = Sans Because: He Greets You, He Is Kinda Lazy. Asriel = Papyrus Because: He Hates Puns, He Makes The Puzzles
Chara = Sans Because: They Like Puns, They Are SUPER Lazy. Chara = Papyrus Because: They Fight You, They Want To Be In The Royal Guard.

I Hope Explained It Well! Stay Determined!
Asriel / Flowey's Role = Papyrus
Frisk's Role = Kindness Soul
Toriel's Role = Flowey
Dummy = Napstablook
Napstablook = Nobody
Papyrus and Sans = Chara and Asriel (Explained In Summary.)
Undyne's Role = Asgore
Alphys = Toriel
Asgore = Frisk
Omega Papy