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Gold's Jurny: My Brother ...

by Dayton Young

Dayton Young Gold heads off to find the trainer he had battled on top of Mount Silver. Finding more secrets about this trainer, will he find him ...
"Mom, I have to know who this trainer is"
"No your not ready to know ... Oops"
"You know who he is"
"If you want to find him, then just go"

Chapter 1 - A hint
One day Gold left his home town again to find the mysteries trainer he had fought that one day. "We're to start ..." Gold said "Let's try the route I walked though to get to the mountain." Gold flew on Ho-oh to the Pokemon center near the mountain. "Nurse Joy, do you know the trainer who went on this mountain, the one whoes cloths are fully red." Gold said.
"No I don't" Said the nurse with Pink hair "And if I did i wouldn't recognize the exact man you are talking about.
After asking peaple around the area, gold flew forwards the Indigo League, and after beating, and asking each member again, he reached the champion. With luck the champion atleast knew his name, Red.

Chapter 2 - A town known as Lavender
Gold landed in Lavender town, a place surrounded by a mountain, and rarely ever visited. Gold decided to visit the tower first, the radio tower. "I heard this place used to be a grave sight." Gold said to the owner.
"Yes it was" said the older man.
After exploring the tower, Gold found another man, crying near a wall.
"What's wrong" Gold said.
"My Raticate two years back died here"
"Oh, ... That means this was a gravesite"
"Yes, ... My name is Blue"
"How did he die"
"A man named Red battled me ---"
"You knew Red"
After some talking, Blue agreed to show Blue a secret area in the tower, leading to the grave sites. Ghost pokemon unrecanizeable attacked them, and they ran. "What are these" Gold said "How do we stop them"
"These aren't just Ghost pokemon, thier full on Demons, and thiers no way to stop them, endless we have a ---"
Both of them run, and hide at a grave reading

Here Lise Ratacate
19||-||Hahaha, were comeing for you

"Tell me about Red" gold asked
"He was, well quit. He never really talked. Both our parents left for a war, I couldn't tell how it effected him though, we were always rivals. I won't blame him for the Ratacate, but we never got along. He even was my grandfathers favorite."
"My father left for a war to, and I guess since he grew up here, he was on this side."

Chapter 3 - Pallet Town
"I don't know how I made it out of thier alive but I did ---" Gold said

"Give me .... Blood"
"Who are you"
"Give me your soul"
"No ... "
Gold runs away, and barely makes it into day light, and quickly buries the entrance

"You, I know you, and your mother" a lady yelled at him
"Me" Gold asks
"Yes, get out of here, your mother ---" she continues to yell
Gold picks up two pictures, the one on the ground, and the one in his pocket, ... "No". The first picture shows are him, his mom, and his dad, while the other shows Red, the lady, and his own father.

  1. Dayton Young
    Dayton Young
    Wow this one I made up completelly as I went, lol, and it turned out great :)

    I some off of some creepy pastas(but not that Give me blood thing, ... That happened to Red, when he was in the tower, and the lady was a Poshest nun vampire ... Lol, but seriesly that happened)
    Jun 14, 2015