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My adventure around Kanto

by themostepicpizzzzza

themostepicpizzzzza I travel Kanto
I woke up and saw the time 7:54.Ah,if I dont get ready in 6 minutes im going to be late! Hey! someone shouted. Red is that you.I said.Yup.Red said back.Wait are barley getting ready.Red said and laughed a bit.Yeah dude.I said.You better up bro,cause I got to go.Red said as he ran off.Mom i got to go,see ya.Am I late?Arin your just in time.Pro.Oak said.Oh look,Its Arin.Blue said smircking.Give him a break Blue.Green said.All right everybody chill.Pro.Oak shouted. All right.We all shouted in unison. Good now,Red you choose first.Oak said.All right,wha why are there 2 of each.Red said.Oh those are for your brother Ash and his two friends.Oak clamied.Hm well im going to choose Charmander!Red said happily.Yellow you go next.Oak said.Yeah!Yellow shouted.Pikachu I choose you!Yellow shouted with pride.Green your up next.Oak said.Cool.Green said with confidnce.Bulbsaur is going to beat all you guys.Green said as walked passed us.Blue your up.Oak said.Squritle is the best!Blue shouted.Arin go up.Oak said.I pick up the Charmander pokeball and shouted Charmander will be my starter.