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My adventure around Kanto Part II

by themostepicpizzzzza

themostepicpizzzzza I travel Kanto
Lets battle!Red said happily.Alright sure.Green,Yellow,Blue,and I said.Then I will battle Green and Blue.Red said.Yellow you ready to get beat.I said confidley.Hm well its good that you think that.Chamander Pikuchua I choose you.We both shouted at the same time.Chramander use srcatch.Pikaaaaaa!(6 damage done)Pikachau use tackle Charrrrrr!(6 damage done)Chramander use srcatch again.Pikaaaaaa.(6 damage done)KO.Pikachua return.Yellow said sadly.Yeah I won!I shouted.Hey which 1 of you won.I said to Red,Green,and Blue.I won!Green said happily.Hey I think we should head Viridan.I said.Sure they all shouted in unison.(Route 1)Hey kids wait!Oak shouted.Oak is that you.Green said back.Here are some pokeballs and some potions.Oak said smiling.Thank gramps Blue said.