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My activity!

by CursedTea

CursedTea If I owe you anything please read!

I just wanna quickly say that I'm gonna be extra slow than I normally am when it comes to owing art. I'm so so sorry!
The car journeys are almost over with (thank the lord ahah), but most of my journeys now have been back and forth to hospitals, especially these past two weeks.

I can't sit up for too long or even walk, and I've been kept an eye on constantly because I've been collapsing and getting super dizzy. x___x;
The systems between certain places are down so the doctors aren't taking any risks doing much so everything is delayed, but don't worry! As soon as I'm better I'm gonna draw like there's no tomorrow!

I really am sorry about this, I'll see you all soon! </3
  1. Teapot
    I wish you all the best of luck – focus on getting better, your art can definitely wait! :) Get well soon!
    Aug 30, 2016
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