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mukip and snivys advature part 5

by leo the absol msater

leo the absol msater
[​IMG]hey guys so this part is going to be extra long so with that lets start. servine. lets skip to the next day servine morning guys. mudkip morning. lilypup morning. servine how about we explore the town. mudkip yeah. lilypup sure. at the town. lilypup oh look chanseys storage is open. mudkip nice. servine lets go to put some iteams in the storage. chansey oh hello nice to meet you are you the ones who just made a team in town if that's true how about you go to the guild. servine guild? chasney yes the guild its a place were all teams meet up and you get your rewards for missons there if you done missons already your rewards are waiting there. servine oh better go thacks for the help. at the guild. espeon oh hey guys I was about to visit to tell you about the guild so you can get your rewards. serrvine thacks but chansey told us. espeon follow me to your rewards. they arrive were ther rewards are waiting they got 5 oran berrys 2 sleep orbs 1,000 pokay. mudkip wow! servine nice. lilypup yeahhhh. ??? HEY YOU HAND OVER THAT MONEY servine who are you and we wont just hand it over. ??? im greninja im a wanted crimal but I was never caught so I decided to just take some cash. cliffhanger that's all for today
  1. leo the absol msater
    leo the absol msater
    I got this out as soon as I could what will happen next time you have to wait to see
    Sep 27, 2015