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MudSoul's Pain Prologue

by Blackened Flare

Blackened Flare

Leader: LillacStar- Grey she-cat with a white chest

Deputy: SandyClaw-Tan tom with a sleek pelt

Medicine Cat: HoneyDrop- white she-cat with tan speckles

Apprentice: MoonRaid- a blind tom with a grey pelt

Warrior: ReedTurft- brown tom Apprentice: SandPaw

ShimmerStep- striking white tom

DoeRun- brown and white she-cat BirchPaw

DeadHeart- dark brown she cat Apprentice: MudPaw

NightRiase- black tom Apprentice: FirePaw

VoleWhisker- long whiskered tan tom

CinderPelt- sleek pelted light grey tom

DuskFall- small black she-cat with no tail and green-blue eyes Apprentice: MarshPaw

SnowFall- a white tom with a very pale ginger face, paws, tail, ears, and snow blue eyes Apprentice: SplashPaw

Apprentices: SandPaw- tan tom

BirchPaw- dark tan tom

SplashPaw- light tan she-cat

FirePaw- ginger she-cat with a white belly and dark ginger nose

MarshPaw- light brown tabby tom

MudPaw- brown she-cat with a ginger tail tip and nose with a scared right shoulder and a scared cheek under her right eye and blue eyes

Queens: SquirrleFoot- whit she-cat with ginger paws

ComitFlame- Ginger she-cat (mother of NightRaise’s kits EchoKit- a black she cat, and SpeckleKit- tortoiseshell she-cat)

Elders: FuzzyPelt- fluffy fat tom with a white pelt and a grey face, paws, ears, back, and tail


Leader: BrightStar- brown tom with a ginger tail and blue eyes

Deputy: SpikyTail: spikey furred ginger tom

Medicine Cat: BlueBerry- blue-grey she-cat

Warrior: GingerFur- ginger she-cat

GoldenHeart- golden she-cat with ginger splotches

NightFeather- black tom

RavenClaw- silky black tom with a pure with tail

BrackenPool- dark brown tabby she-cat with only three legs Apprentice- TigerPaw

TigerFur- tabby tom

PantherFur- spotted she-cat Apprentice- TurtlePaw

LostEcho- blind grey tabby

GingerTail- tan tom with a ginger tail Apprentice- SnapPaw

Apprentices: SnapPaw- ginger tom with a golden underbelly

TurtlePaw- grey tabby tom

TigerPaw- a brown tabby she-cat

PantherPaw- black spotted tom

Queens: SwiftBreeze- a white she-cat with black patches (mother of BrightStar’s kit BounceKit- brown tom with a ginger and black tail)

Elders: SnakePelt- battered grey and tan she-cat

BadgerFang- black and white tom


A brown she kit with a bloody pelt ran out of the nursery shaking in fear. A grey she cat with blood stained paws came running after her. The other cats in the clearing had shock in their eyes as they ran towards the she-cat to stop her. A white tom held the shaking kit and examined her cuts.

“IT’S YOUR FALT MUDKIT! YOUR FATHER DOESN’T LOVE ME ANYMORE BECAUSE OF YOU! I WISH I NEVER HAD A KIT!” The grey she-cat yelled as the kit stared at her mother in terror.

“ShiningMedow stop it, it isn’t MudKit’s fault! Control yourself!” Another grey she-cat hissed holding her down.

Pushing the cat off her, ShiningMedow ran towards the scared kit and launched herself at her. The kit ran trying to get away from her mother. Her claws scratched against the kit’s shoulder, leaving a permanent mark, and then swatting again leaving a cross shaped mark under the kits right eye, before going for the killing move the white tom bolted forward and tackled the she-cat.

“I am sorry sister but, because you attacked your kit with the intention on killing her, I have no choice than to exile you. You have until moon-high to be out of our forest. And if we see you again, we will attack without hesitation. Leave!” The grey she-cat with a white chest said strongly.

The white tom got off of ShiningMedow but kept a hard glare on her. She glared at the brown kit before stalking towards the log that led out of the camp.

“MUDKIT, ONE DAY I WILL COME BACK. AND I WILL KILL YOU!” the she-cat hissed before running out of camp.

“ShimmerStep, take MudKit to HoneyDrop.” Nodding the white tom grabbed the scared kit and walked her over to a split tree where a white and tan spotted she-cat waited to grab the kit.

After HoneyDrop finished fixing the kit she gave her some poppy seeds for her to sleep. “Will MudKit be okay?” a small voice was heard making the she-cat turn around. At the entrance was a tan tom kit.

“Yes SandKit she’ll be fine.” Relief filled the toms green eyes as he let out a sigh.

“Can I sleep in here with her?” SandKit asked taking a step into the den. HoneyDrop nodded and turned to her own den as the kit curled up next to the she-kit.
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  1. Kawaii Unicorn
    Kawaii Unicorn
    OMG this is so weird, my cat in the warriors RP is Lilackit, and I have written a seperate book about it on storybird, and she becomes Lilacstar! This is so cool!
    Dec 26, 2015