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MudSoul's Pain Chapter 3

by Blackened Flare

Blackened Flare
Chapter 3

“MudPaw, now that your paw is healed I want you, DeadHeart, and BrightTail to go on a border patrol.” SandyClaw looked at the brown apprentice uneasily. MudPaw glared at her lizard and let out a growl.

“I rather be chased by a pack of dogs!” MudPaw snapped and faced the deputy, her blue eyes full of hatred and pain. SandyClaw gulped and cowered down.

“MudPaw!” LillacStar sounded from the great rock. MudPaw turned her burning gaze to the leader, causing the grey she-cat to flinch. “I told him that patrol.”

“Fine.” MudPaw growled and walked towards her mentor. “Hurry your useless tail up BrightTail!” When the three cats were together they made their ways to the rocky forest. “Wait!” MudPaw inhaled with her mouth slightly parted. “Rouge!” MudPaw hunched down, and the two older cats did the same. They carefully stalked up to where the sent was coming. MudPaw held her tail, causing them to halt Looking through the bracken MudPaw’s eyes widened and filled with pain.

Right over the border, was ShineingMeadow, at her paws where two white and grey kittens suckling, ShineingMeadow’s eyes where filled with love, at her side was a white tom smiling at the kits. MudPaw’s mouth went dry, as her eyes filled with tears, here was her mother, the mother that rejected her, nursing two kits with love in her eyes. MudPaw felt her mentor let out a low growl, and her father stiffen. Standing up MudPaw walked up to her mother. Her mother’s mate growled and stepped in the way.

“Rosco,” ShineingMeadow scolded, turning her gaze to her disowned kit. “Yes MudKit?”

“I-It’s MudPaw now,” MudPaw choked and looked at her half siblings. “I’m so happy for you, you deserve happiness.” MudPaw started sobbing and turned back to her territory, and pelted into it, not listening to the calls of her mentor, and father.

Pain stabbed her heart over and over as she thought of the happy life those kits were going to live. “Mother…” MudPaw whispered and ran into camp, and into the apprentices den burying her face into the moss. She heard voices and alarm outside the den but ignored it.

“MudPaw-” SandPaw walked into the den.

“SandPaw, will you share my nest with me? Just for tonight.” MudPaw asked in a whisper.

“Okay,” SandPaw curled himself around his trembling den-mate.

“Thank you.” MudPaw was slowly drifting to sleep with the calming beat of SandPaw’s heart. “Your warrior name, should be SandHeart…” She mumbled falling asleep.
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