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Gaiien Region: Muddy Doggos: Dirfox and Soiote

by Keleri

dirfox line 2.png
Keleri Dirfox (lv. 24) → Soiote

#020 - Dirfox

Kit Pokemon
A shy pokémon, it spends a great deal of time in its burrow and uses confusion-causing attacks and illusions to fool enemies.
Learnset: Scratch, Bite, Quick Attack, Confusion, Confuse Ray, Double Team, Sand Whip, Odor Sleuth, Sand Attack

#021 - Soiote
Coyote Pokemon
A quick and adaptable pokémon, it is found in a wide range across Gaiien and Tanos. It uses its psychic powers to confound enemies and make quick escapes.
Base Stats: 70/75/65/100/65/100 (475)
Ability: Sand Veil/Forewarn/[Magic Bounce]
Learnset: Dig, Substitute, Replicate, Nasty Plot, Reflect, Light Screen, Magic Coat, Sand Wave, Psychic, Mud Shot, Earth Power, Howl, Moonlight, Baton Pass, Landslide, Sandstorm

Notes: I had some trouble deciding on markings for these two; in my head Dirfox was just a swift fox with psychic powers for a long time, but a photo of a golden retriever that had waded shoulder-deep in mud gave me an idea. It occurs to me that these two scaredy pups might need a big, mean roadrunner friend.