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Volt's Musical Workshop: Much Song Very Random

by AceyPie

AceyPie It's handy to just post these here just in case I lose my papers which happens.... A lot
"Geez there are a lot of songs here" Peach was reading papers left and right some of them fell down some got blown away by the wind and some stayed on the table she was reading on, You in the meantime just wandered around reading what interested you...

(P.S. I'm horrible at making Titles lel)

*Insert Title lel*
(Can you guess who this OC is?)
Drunk like a fancy King
Headed to the Guillotine
It hurts the first time it drops
And we'll love until it's not
I'm on a Spree in white
Eyes like Broken Christmas Lights

My touch is black and poisonous
Im hotter than a Fire Blast
Oh we're gonna turn up the crazy
Crazier than a day as an A List Celebrity
Lighting Fireworks like it's the 4th of July...
Until we feel satisfied [2x]

I'ma like a scarf trick
Its all up the sleeve
I taste like Maaagic
A wave that swallows quick and deep
Throw the bait Catch the prey
Bleed the waters red
50 words for chaos and I'm every one of them

(Repeat C)

That's all... I guess

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