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The Race To The End: Mt Moon Part 1

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper
*John enters Mt Moon
*Rex falls on John
John: Ugh hey what was that for?
Rex: I got shoved.
John: By who?
Rex: I don't know?
???: My name is Marth a Pokedex holder and from Rallet Town.
John: Wait I'm a Pokedex holder and also from Rallet.
Rex: Me two.
John: Wait you are?
Rex: Remember me I was that kid you shoved by when you entered The Lab.
John: Oh sorry.
Rex: It's ok.
Marth: But it isn't ok to almost kill a gym leader.
Rex: Are you talking about Rocky she got crushed by the rocks.
Marth: No she didn't I saved her just in time.
John: Really but who did you choose?
Marth: Well that's easy to tell.
John: How?
Marth: You chose Takinas and Rex chose Linkachu so I that means I chose Beef Cake.
John: Well anyways lets battle.
Marth: Ok 1 on 1 starter versus starter so Squirtle GO and use Water Pulse.
John: Ok Tako GO and use Thunder but also dodge the attack.
Squirtle Lvl: 40
Tako Lvl: 15
*Squirtle fainted
Tako: ()()()()()
John: Yes it was also a crit huh?
*Tako evolved into Charmander
John: Yes he evolved hey Marth.
Marth: Yeah?
John: Wanna come along with me and Rex?
Marth: Ok.
John: Ok good the exit should be over there.
Rex: Great beat you there.
Marth: Wait an alien mother is over ther....
John: REX we're coming.
Marth: Uuuuhhhh.
John: Pokedex what is that.
Pokedex: That is a Mewtwo.
Marth: Oh no did he just say Mewtwo?
Pokedex: Yes yes I did and now you are screwed and goodbye.
John: Huh?
*John's Pokedex runs away
Marth: I knew this would happen that is why I borrowed this SMOKE PELLET.
*They run outta the cave.
John: Ok lets train.
Marth: I agree.
Rex: Me two lets go.
John: 3.
Rex: 2.
Marth: 1.
All together: GO.