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Mr. Hopps: Mr. Hopps: Night Two

by | Korutesu |

| Korutesu | After falling into the chasm in Night One, Fiona has been taken away to the hospital but the horrors don't end there. A new threat appears to Fiona, now she must escape the hospital to "escape" the nightmare.
As Fiona had woken up from her terrifying dream, She notices the clock is at Midnight, The day after her dream. She looked around her to see an unfamiliar room to her, As her mother walked in. "Fiona? Are you okay?" Her mother asked her. She replied, "Where am i?! What Happened!" Fiona shouted, But her mother told her to stay quiet. Fiona didn't recognize where she was, but one memory popped up. She knew she was in the hospital, But why?

The lights flickered making the hospital into a dark abyss, Thankfully a flashlight was near her and Fiona grabbed it. She heard footsteps down the hall, And pointed the flashlight toward the door. She didn't seem to see anything unusual, But was hearing footsteps, getting louder and louder. She knew she had to hide, If she didn't she would be found.

Fiona saw a small cupboard that she could fit in, She also saw a closet that would be a good hiding spot. She hid inside the cupboard, making no sound. Scared, Fiona turned off her flashlight as Mr. Bear had come into the room.

"It's coming, He's here, He's not going to stop until you're dead" It was a ominous voice coming from Mr. Bear's voice box. It was an unusual voice, with different voices talking at a time but Fiona won't let that distract her, She had to escape the hospital.

Fiona had gotten out of the cupboard and ran outside of her hospital room, Locking it behind her. She checked the elevators to see if they were working, But the whole power in the hospital were turned off. Then came a smash, And then a bang on the door of her hospital room. She ran straight for the stairs and got to the lobby.

She hid behind one of the desks in the lobby so she could hide from Mr. Bear as she falls asleep, For the next night to come. Five Nights More.

Night two Complete