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Mega Pokemon: Mr. Annoying the Mega Sableye

by Andrewski

Andrewski So this is a Mega Sableye I use on Pokemon Showdown in many of my teams. His moveset is Will-o-wisp, Knock off, Foul Play, and Recover. He of course holds Sablenite. I nicknamed him Mr. Annoying because he is used to pester the opponet and many times they have forfeited.
  1. Raichu ThunderFace
    Raichu ThunderFace
    I love this Drawing. It's a master piece. Mega Sableye's true nature: Cute and Funny with a dash of Nightmarish, and horrifying. But i love this drawing. Even it's Mega Ability Magic Bounce.
    Sep 16, 2016
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