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by Curtkid

Bad(but lovely) Romance.jpg
Curtkid Yeah, I'm not the first one to make a picture staring a Zangoose and Seviper being sweet on each other, but what can I say? It's adorable and I felt like drawing it, it's weird how people are suckers for "Romeo and Juliet" forbidden love relationships. I guess it comes from the whole thrill that comes for the dangers of the love being forbidden, it makes for good drama.

The Pokemon universe really has come crazy, (genetically) compatible couples, and for those not in the know, Zangoose and Seviper are supposed to be genetically wired to hate each other, but can still produce off-spring with each other, even having a healthy, happy relationship if the Daycare person is to be believed.

Despite it's simplicity, I'm fairly happy with how this came out. As always, thanks to everyone who views, likes, and comments.

Pokemon is copyright Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company...but fo realz guise, no love will be more forbidden and beautiful then Wailord X Skitty.
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