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by Dootletail

Dootletail Some random thing that I made cause I’m bored,if you want your character to be in here then just say so and tell me would what you would like them to say!
Dawn had just begun as Sourkit scrambled on the forest floor,chasing a reddish brown leaf threw hearing as it danced threw the wind,as Sourkit finally caught it,she jumped up.”Yes!”She squeaked,then the yellow tabby then sniffed the air,suddenly,her eyes grew round.
I’m in not in Thunderclan camp!She gasped to herself,I’m in Thunderclan territory!
Then,Sourkit’s surprised face turned into a mischievous smirk.I’m in Thunderclan territory...”She whispered to herself,dashing farther into the woods.
As the kit stopped to take a breath,she smelled something...
Sourkit followed the scent of the mouse until she heard it,the blind tabby about to do something,but the mouse had turned around and noticed her,it didn’t do anything though,just stood there,frozen.
Sourkit leaned into the mouse,and touched her nose with it’s.
“I’m not gonna hurt you.”She murmured.But then sound of rustling startled the mouse and it ran off,Sourkit breathed in the scent,it was her mother,Lillypelt.
“Sourkit!”The queen yowled when she saw Sourkit,Lillypelt padded over to her kit,”What did you think you were doing?”She scolded,Sourkit smelled fear-scent on her mother,she was about to reply,but the silver she-cat picked her up by the scruff and started padding back to Thunderclan camp.

When they got there,Sourkit could hear her mother hiss to herself:
“This is so embarrassing.”
Sourkit hissed,when Lillypelt got into the nursery,Sourkit could hear Mistkit bounding over to her,”Hi!!!!I thought you were lost and you’d be gone FOREVER and...”Sourkit didn’t listen to the rest,she just padded over to her nest and lay there angrily.
Butterflykit,a beautiful brown calico with blue eyes,walked up to Sourkit.”Your here!Thank Starclan!”She meowed,”Your the only one who knows what it’s like to have a chatterbox as a sibling.”Sourkit knew who Butterflykit was talking about,her brother,Grasskit,talked as much as Mistkit,who by the way of still talking.
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