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My OCs: Moon

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart Name: Moon Galaxia
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthday: June 14th
Species: Human/Lunar Wolf (Being a Lunar Wolf means she can turn into a wolf, and occasionally has wolf ears and a tail when in human form)
Personality: Cold and mean towards people, but she becomes nicer to some people over time, and she can be quite mischievous when bored. She prefers being alone, and despises anyone who tries to flirt with her if she thinks they are just trying to get with her because of her looks, or if she thinks that they are a player. She's skilled when it comes to combat, because people use to bully her and attack her when she was younger, and she got tired of being defenseless and refused to let people continue to bully her, and decided to learn how to fight so she could defend herself. This is also the reason she's cold and often very rude to people.
Family: Starry (Father), Eclipse (Mother), Sun (Older brother), Mars (Twin brother), Star (Younger sister)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Crush: Carlos
Other: Due to being a Lunar Wolf, she has powers, her main one that she uses being fire, the others she can use being electricity and earth.


This artwork is intended for my use only, so please do NOT use it without my permission, especially since the character in the artwork was designed by me and belongs only to me.