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OCs: Monster High: Vixen Furnandez

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Vixen Furnandez
Gender: Female
Species: Werefox
Age: 15
Appearance: Vixen has brown eyes, orange fur, and shoulder length red hair. Her werefox heritage is further accentuated by white fangs, pointy fox ears, and sharp claws. She wears a gray Quilted moto jacket over a yellow Double Vee Merino Wool sweater, black dress pants, a silver fox head necklace, and fuscia stacked booties. In her transformed fox form, she has a typical red fox appearance and wears her necklace around her neck.
Other info: Vixen has the abilities of a werefox. She speaks with a Texan accent.

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    Ariados twice
    Sep 6, 2017
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    Ariados twice
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