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OCs: Monster High: Bast Khait

by Excalibur Queen

Excalibur Queen
Name: Bast Khait
Gender: Female
Species: Half mummy, half Egyptian Mau werecat
Age: 3,357
Appearance: Bast majorly resembles an Egyptian Mau werecat in appearance. Her fur is golden with the markings of an Egyptian Mau. She has shoulder length black hair and gooseberry green eyes. She has wrappings that go from a few inches below the right shoulder to where her fingers begin, as well as wrappings that start at the left knee and end about 2 inches below the ankle. She wears a turquoise blouse, black dress pants, black wedge heels that look like this one: [​IMG] , and a golden circular pendant with a cat’s eye on it on a black choker-like necklace.
Other info: Bast possesses the ability to use "Mummy Wrap", an ability and technique to hold out her hands and instantly wrap a person in her bandages or wrappings.

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  1. Excalibur Queen
    Excalibur Queen
    Sep 9, 2017
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