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Gaiien Region: Mononoke no Hi: Leaflet, Arboar, and Svarog (Revised)

by Keleri

svarog line 2.png
Keleri I wasn't entirely happy with Svarog's design so I punched it up a bit! Unfortunately I couldn't quite make hiding its body with smoke work but maybe one day I'll be able to draw haha.

Leaflet → (lv. 24) Arboar → (Fire Stone) Svarog

#056 - Leaflet (piglet + leaf + leaflet)
Spring Pokémon
They are hardy and can survive on a varied diet. They love to play in mud and will bury themselves almost completely, with only their green tails poking out.
Learnset: Tackle, Growl, Leafage

#057 - Arboar (arbor + boar)
Autumn Pokémon
Their fire abilities are a relatively recent development. They give off a mild smoky smell and will roast nuts and tubers before eating them.
Learnset: Ember, Flame Charge, Razor Leaf, Take Down, Skull Bash, Smokescreen, Smog, Slash

#058 - Svarog (slavic fire deity + hog)
Forest Fire Pokémon
Its fire is hard to control and consumes its body. Only pokémon of great age attain the form in the wild, prepared for its power and its great costs.
Base Stats: (90/80/90/80/90/100) 530
Ability: Flash Fire / [Drought]
Learnset: Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Forest’s Curse, Seed Bomb, Wood Hammer, Sunny Day, Firefield, Pyrocumulus, Heat Crash, Fumigation, Pig Iron, Burned Bacon, Chimney Sweep, Hog Fuel

Notes: AKA the one where I make the Miyazaki references really explicit. I really like pokemon names that are puns but also just literally dictionary words (which can get confusing when you don’t capitalize pokemon species names), so there are definitely more than a few Leaflet fakemon out there.

This one, Water/Grass Cernunnos, and the upcoming Fire/Water Tiamat make a trio of 3-stage pokemon with “opposing” types. Grass/Water Ludicolo was terribly exciting in Gen 3 but I can’t believe that we’re here 13 years later still waiting for a real Grass/Fire and a non-legendary Fire/Water.

Svarog is the “literally burning” Grass/Fire idea while Habadryad is the “hot pepper”. I’ve since switched it to Fire/Fairy because fairy types do like to do that “looks like grass but isn’t” thing. Devilish.

Matt encounters a Svarog in Chapter 10 of Gods and Demons.
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