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Pokeversity: Moltres, Zapdos and Articuno!

by Wyverion

Wyverion The first day of pokeversity is starting now!
"Carlo, you might be good but dont think too highly of yourself here!" Wow, that girl sure was bold. Another guy appeared behind her, this guy has a purplish hair, and a much stronger vibe than that girl, "Oops, don't shout like that Viv, let me handle this." That viv girl was about to argue but she decided to not. That guy walked towards the middle stage, "Hey guys, wow sure there are lot of good rookies this year. You are Carlo, King and Peter right? I'm DL and it's my pleasure to meet you." The guy offered a handshake to Carlo, the most foolish thing that he could do. Carlo rejected the handshake "Wow, you are the infamous DL of the Kanto pokeversity? What a coincidence, why dont you pick a pokemon and fight me. I will demonstrate to the whole campus that I am better than the rumoured DL." Carlo really didnt know when to stop, didnt he? "Haha, wellm kids these days." DL expression hardened, "Okay, i'll teach you a lesson kid." He took his pokeball and threw it "Come on weaville." A weaville appeared in the middle of the stage. "Now King and Peter, can we have this stage please?" Raven and Peter didnt argue, they withdrew their pokemon and backed away to give DL and Carlo the space they needed, just then a Kirlia appeared. "Back off D, this kid gets on my nerves, i am the one who gonna teach him a lesson." Viv, pushed DL aside. " Whoa viv.. Alright, alright, the stage is yours." DL smiled and waved to his weaville. His weaville jumped out of the stage and stood aside DL. "Hey! I wanna battle DL! Get out of the stage you!""Such a prick. Kirlia use confusion!" Kirlia sent out several energy waves towards the Nidoking, and looks like Nidoking took the confusion. "Fine, i'll drag DL here myself! Nidoking use posion sting!" The Nidoking looked confused, it shot some poison stings towards the Kirlia, "Too slow, kirlia, dodge it!" The kirlia dodged it easily, "Now use psychic!" Again, Kirlia sent out some energy waves towards the Nidoking, and looks like Nidoking took some heavy damage from it. "Darn it! Nidoking stand up! Use megahorn!" Looks like the nidoking was still confused but it tried its best to charged towards Kirlia with his megahorn. "Amateur, Double team!" Kirlia splitted herself into several other Kirlias which makes the Nidoking more confused. He charged towards the wrong Kirlia, "Come on kid, your mouth is way too big, Kirlia use psyshock!" Nidoking took another heavy damage, and this time it looks bad. The Nidoking fell to the ground. "Come on Nidoking! Get up and us flamethrower!" Clearly, Nidoking was struggling so hard to stood up, but it managed to shot fire from its mouth. "Disappointing. Kirlia finish this, teleport and use psyshock!" Kirlia disappeared and the flamethrower hit nothing but a bench. Then its dissapeared behind the Nidoking, touching the nidoking and sent it flying use some energy wave, i assume it was the psyshock. Nidoking fainted. "Damn! Nidoking return!"The Nidoking returned to Carlo's pokeball. "You are nothing compared to us, kid, behave!" Viv stared at Carlo. Man this woman sure is scary. She turned around and walked towards the exit, high fiving DL and walked out of the hall. "Haha, Well Carlo, looks like you still need some practice." DL grinned. Before Carlo could reply another figure appeared from the door, an old guy maybe around 60-70 years old looked startled of what this hall has become "What is going on here? And DL, when did you arrive?"Phil was old, with his white hair and beard, he kinda looks like the dumbledore of this school. "Oh, hey Phil! I was just arrived this morning, and yeah, teenagers happened here." DL withdrew his Weaville and walked towards Phil. "Ah, yeah, it sure smells like teen spirit here. Gah, this always happen." "Hahaha, I know right! Ah, I almost forgot, guys you can check out in which teams are you gonna be for this school year in the announcement board just outside the building, and.." Before DL could his sentence the students already running towards the exit door. I waited for Raven, "So you ever met him before?" I asked as we walked towards the exit. "Yeah, long story though, we meet and sinnoh, He was that annoying and that's how we battle."I can imagine that, I, myself almost got myself into that fight earlier if it wasn't for Raven and Peter. A guy like Carlo gets on my nerves, i don't get what's with these good trainers with sucky personality. I've been travelling to 5 regions and trust me, there are a lot more Carlos all over the regions. We reached the announcement board, but it was too crowded and i was too lazy to shove myself into that ocean of humans. Ah, so in this university you are going to be divided into 3 teams, i dont know how they determine who's in what team and so on, but there are going to be 3 teams, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. and in the end of every school year, 2 people from each teams will be chosen to fight against the people from other teams to claim the best team awards. I am so not interested in that kind of thing. We waited for a while and finally most of the people had left, I walked closer towards the announcement board and saw myself being in articuno team and Raven is in moltres. "Hey Raven, not in the same team aren't we." "Yeah, this way we could face each other in the final day." "Im not interested in that thing, we can battle anytime you want actually." I scanned for some other names and saw that Carlo is in Zapdos along with that peter guy. "Why do i have to be with that guy." There he is Peter standing besiders us, "I'm so sorry for you." he let out a sigh, "looks like its not gonna be that fun after all, by the way, Im peter, Peter Tomms." I shook his hand, "Its Chris, nice to meet you, Peter." "Yeah, and i'm Raven. Nice to meet you, Peter." Raven also shook his hand, "Your magmortar sure looks strong, Raven." "The same goes to your Luxray man." Its like watching girls complimenting each other's pictures on instagram. "Hey guys, lets head to the dorms, i think i could use some rest after all that happened today." "Sounds like a good idea, come on then." Replied Raven, and that's how we ended that afternoon. We parted ways and went to our own team's dorms. I found my room number, unlocking the door and immediately letting myself fall unto the bed, just when I thought i could get some rest, I heard a loud noise from the hallways, and then the door opened.

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