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MLP: Attack of the Nega Ponies (Prologue)

by Franny Krueger

Franny Krueger A spin-off of an unfinished fan fiction I'm working on that involves head-cannons and OCs.
Concept of the Nega Ponies inspired by "FUNKO" My Little Pony vinyl blind boxes. Inspired by the stories; "Rainbow Factory", "The Cough", and "Cupcakes"
Crimson Lullaby rushed down the halls to her Queen's room. Chuckling under her breath as she carried several cases of vials and flask on her back and in her mouth. She slowed down once she reached the door and sat the case that was in her mouth down. Clearing her throat, she knocked on the door with her hoof. "M'Lady," She formaly called, "Zeek's done. He finally did it. And I have the proof."

The door opened as a malevolent voice cackled out in laughter.

Crimson Lullaby smiled and she picked up the case and walked in.

"Ah. This IS a nice surprise. It was taking so long, I was begining to have my doubts." Nightmare Moon sat in her throne, giving her loyal assistant a very pleased Smile.

Crimson Lullaby sat the case down in front of her Queen and opened it. A black aura shot up from the case and revealed neon colored flask. Each one labled with a different name.

Nightmare Moon walked over and inspected every one of the items that Crimson Lullaby had brought. A look of displeasure replaced her earlier emotion. "Is this all?" She asked looking back at Crimson Lullaby.

Crimson Lullaby took a step back after hearing the tone in her Queen's voice. "F-for now M'Lady. If it were not for The Mane Six being so difficult to process, Zeek could have done more."

"I see. Very well then. Shall we get started?" Nightmare Moon said as she lifted all of the cases and walked over to a cauldron.

Crimson Lullaby snapped back and began happily and crazily giggling as she trotted to her Queen's side.

They both stood over the cauldron.

Inside the cauldron was a portal that led to the ponies version of the 9 Levels of Hell. This is also the the cauldron The Night Mares used to bring Lord Sombre, Princess Chrysalis and of course, Queen Nightmare Moon back to this existence.

"Give one to me." Nightmare Moon ordered.

Crimson Lullaby quickly did as she was told.

Nightmare Moon poured the neon essence into the cauldron. As she did, a shrill high pitched scream of pain and agony filled the air.

The two mares smiles devilishly at one another as spirits from the other realm began to fight over the essence and the winner began to take new shape.

Crimson Lullaby quickly gave her Queen the rest of the vials and flask.

When all the screaming and fighting stopped, black ooze filled the cauldron and started to run over.

The two mares flew into the air and watched as the ooze took shape and manifested into ten black ponies:

Rainbow Dash
Pinkie Pie
Dr. Whooves
DJ Pon-3
Octavia Melody
Lyra Heartstrings
Sweety Drops

Nightmare Moon landed in front of the newly formed ponies. "What is this?" She asked upon closer inspection of the ponies.

"What's what?" Crimson Lullaby asked, puzzled and a bit nervous.

Nightmare Moon shot the young mare a piercing glance. She did not like to be questioned.

Crimson Lullaby immediately landed beside her Queen and inspected the ponies as well. It only took her a second to realize the problem.

The ponies were only half the size of their counterparts, they were without shadows and their color never returned to their bodies, with the exception of their manes, tails, eyes, and cutie marks. And to top it all off, there were only three of The Mane Six. Zeek said there would be side effects but ensured they would work themselves out in only a matter of moments. Well it had been several moments and the ponies were not as they should be.

"ZEEEEEEEEK!" She yelled furiously and readied herself to hunt down the mad scientist.

"Wait!" Nightmare Moon exclaimed.

Crimson Lullaby halted and looked at her Queen, then to where she was facing.

The Dark Fluttershy began to seep into the floor until she was nothing but a faded looking puddle. Then it beagn to move along the floor, walls, and ceiling.

That's when the two mares realized, the reason they were black with limited color, no shadows, and half the size. They ARE the shadows.

The Dark Fluttershy then reformed in front of Crimson Lullaby and gave her a maniacal grin.

"Was this intended?" Nightmare Moon asked her loyal assistant.

"I don't think so M'Lady. But then again, with Zeek, you never know." Crimson Lullaby replied while returning the Dark Fluttershys' grin.

Nightmare Moon chuckled before ordering her assistant to leave while she tested the new ponies and would call her back when the time came to go to Equestria.