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Mister Growlyface

by Maiden of Ghosts

Maiden of Ghosts This was a fun little experiment I did with shading and lighting, mostly to show a friend who was visiting me how I draw.

This guy is Crowley! (Note, he belongs to one of my friends. I just felt like drawing him.) He's a Champion, being a mortal blessed by a Legendary. He serves Nova the Reshiram! He hangs out with Antares, the Dialga-Blessed Espeon, and the two of them are extremely close. (to be honest they're pretty much boyfriends at this point. they're adorable, too!)
  1. _Umbreon_
    Just curios would you like to do a RP possibly? Your OCs are amazing
    Sep 14, 2015
    Maiden of Ghosts likes this.
  2. obey_jaidon
    That's just dang majestic XD
    Sep 12, 2015