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Mischief the Mightyena

by Silver-Solis

Silver-Solis A request from @DaCharblezorbTrainer
“I was the runt of the litter, so no one wanted me, besides my trainer Theo.”

He caught me when I was just a pup. I was cast out, for being the weakest. I was confused and scared, but then he came. I was his first Pokemon, and he was my first friend. So we grew up together, doing everything with each other. Except when he went to school, that’s when I waited for him to come home. Except for the day of bringing your pet to school day.

The school bullies teased him for having a weak Pokemon, and their Pokemon attacked. I was defeated in seconds, and they hurt Theo. So from that day, every time he went to school I would train, train my hardest so I could defend him. Eventually, the next bring Pokemon to school day happened and before long, they attacked again but I was strong. It was when I was about to lose is when I evolved. They were shocked, they had no Idea what I was going to do next. So I let out a fierce set of barks and growled deeply. The bullies ran away and my trainer wasn’t hurt. My family said I was weak, these bullies said I was weak, but I prevailed. I showed the whole world that I wasn’t weak.

Eventually, Theo grew up. He went on his journey, and guess who went with him? I did! We had some fun, and some run-ins with an evil team, but I stood my ground and drove them away. Eventually, Theo caught another Pokemon, A Growlithe. Her name was Silica. At first, she was mean to me, and I kept trying to tell Theo that she was evil, but she wasn’t evil at all! Eventually, we became friends, and then Theo gave her a red rock and she evolved into an Arcanine! Now we could both protect Theo at our best. But then he got the other Pokemon! This time it was a cat too! A Shinx named Legion, and how he made my life miserable! He would always boss me around and try to fight me! Luckily, the evil team showed up again, and when he was about to faint, I saved him and defeated the enemy. Then he treated me as his leader, but I treated him as an equal because I wanted him to be my friend, he was nice from time to time. So we trained together, he became a Luxio at first then a Luxray, and we were best friends by then, all of us were!

Eventually, Theo’s journey came to an end when he finally bought a house. He started dating and eventually married to a Girl named Christina who had some Pokemon too! A Persian named Royal, a Furfrou named Fashion, and a Ninetales named Krystal who was much different than other Ninetales, she was cold...in the temperature sense. At first, none of us got along at all, well except Theo and Christina. But as time went on we got used to each other, and eventually became friends as well. After some time, Theo and Christina had a kid! They named him Daniel. At first, he didn’t do much. But after around a year, he was trying to play with us!

Daniel kept growing and growing, real fast too! He was talking and running after us when he was 3 and then was actually starting to understand us when he was 5! He liked Silica a lot when it was Winter, but to be honest we all did, when it was Summer we went to Krystal to cool us off. Daniel eventually started going to school as well, and we all waited for him to come home and play with us! Though, when he was 9, he had a Bring your Pokemon to school day. It was much later compared to Theo because he had two. Regardless, Daniel couldn’t figure out who to bring to school, so he planned to bring us all! So we all ran out when Daniel opened the door next morning. Theo and Christina felt like it was a bad Idea, but they actually didn’t do anything to stop it, which was kinda surprising.

Anyways, once Daniel got to school, he was surrounded by his pack of Cats and Dogs. One kid tried to poke fun at him, but Legion and I quickly drove him away. Though there was this one kid with a Garchomp that everyone was afraid of. He challenged Daniel to a battle, which was against school rules, so Daniel said no. But he attacked anyways! His Garchomp struck at Legion, knocking him down in one hit. So Daniel had to fight back now, all of our training came to defeat some kid with a Dragon.

Daniel used Krystal first because she was super effective on the dragon. She used an Ice beam, but it didn’t seem to do much! Compared to Theo’s Pokemon, Christina’s were a bit lower level, which made sense because she didn’t battle much. Regardless, the Garchomp used flamethrower and took down Krystal. Slowly, we all fell one by one, except me. I was his last Pokemon and highest level as well. All the pressure was on me.

So I jumped out there onto the battlefield. By this time the teacher were already there, but too afraid to do anything about the Garchomp. So not only was I defending Daniel but all the other kids as well. The pressure really got to me, but I stayed strong. I started off with a bark, to try and intimidate my foe, but It didn’t work. Then the first attack came, a swing with its claws landed, and I already felt like fainting, but I had to defend Daniel. I was having flashbacks to when Theo brought me to school, and I gained a sudden strength. My will, it was the power I had. I returned the hit with a Crunch, followed up by an Ice fang, which seemed to do the trick. The Garchomp seemed to have sustained much damage. During its stunned phase, I used double team, to try and gain an edge. When the next attack came, Garchomp struck my after-image! I felt successful and used another Ice fang. The Garchomp seemed much weaker than when it started. The kid with the Garchomp was surprised, and tried to attack Daniel. I didn’t let him, because I bit him, though when the Garchomp came to attack it hit me and I blacked out from there. I thought I had failed, but by the time I recovered, Daniel seemed unharmed. I protected him, and in return he and all of the other Pokemon showered me with praise.

I never really knew what happened to the kid with the Garchomp, I just knew that Daniel eventually left to go on his own journey. Now I’m still with Theo, we all are. We don’t do as many things anymore, but I was glad to have a life where I was so loved, even though it may have been bad in the beginning. Moral of the story, even if things seem bad now, if you keep your mind to it you can achieve anything and I achieved my goal, to have a Family.
  1. Silver-Solis
    I could have phrased that a bit better, Make sure to not do something like thatnext time!
    Jan 9, 2017
  2. SS-I Never
    SS-I Never
    On the second paragraph
    "Except for the day of bringing your pet to school day."
    It technically isn't an grammar error, but I feel like you can phrase it better.
    Jan 9, 2017
  3. Silver-Solis
    Could you tell me where the grammar errors are please so I can improve?
    Jan 9, 2017
  4. SS-I Never
    SS-I Never
    I actually really do like this story. There are a few grammar errors, but everyone makes grammar errors as they're writing. Keep up what you're doing. Let your creativity flow
    Jan 9, 2017
  5. Silver-Solis
    Nah, It's fine. I just like writing!
    Nov 18, 2016
  6. DaCharblezorbTrainer
    This story is awesome! I really love it. Do you want me to make anything for you? A drawing? A story?
    Nov 18, 2016