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Mirror of Time

by Xenowyrm

Xenowyrm Meara is turning twelve, and she is hoping for a pokemon as a B-Day present. She gets a huge surprise with an unexpected adventure that she plays a valuable and vital role in.
Meara woke to the sound of starly and fletchling chirping from the tree placed next to her window. Sunlight passed through the glass and into her room, making it glow with a warm white light. The scent of roselia and bellossom floated through the air on the warm summer breeze. Meara stretched, then yawned. She basked in the sunlight for a few more seconds, then got changed into a black t-shirt and a pair of black shorts that she had once been using for soccer.
She pulled a hairbrush through her short golden-orange hair, then went out of her room and into the kitchen. Suddenly, she remembered something very important to her. Today was her birthday. Meara happily grabbed a bowl and spoon from the kitchen, and then she grabbed a jug of milk from the fridge and a container of cereal from one of the cupboards. She ate her breakfast in a very thoughtful mood.
After she was done, Meara checked outside to see if her parents were gone. Her mother's car was just turning the corner to get to their street. Then Meara checked her watch. 8:47, huh. I slept in a lot longer than usual. She thought to herself, then sat down on the couch in the living room and watched an episode of her favorite show for 11 minutes. Her mom, Fawn, came in the door and walked quickly to her bedroom after taking off her shoes. Her dad, Brian, came into the house at around 9:15.
Meara's parents were acting strangely, and she suspected it had something to do with the busy day ahead. She retrieved her tablet from her bedroom and brought it into the living room. She played on it until 10:30 at which point her mom had told her to turn it off because she would have to open her birthday presents now if they were to have any time to do it that day. "We'll still have your cake, but we'll eat it tonight after dinner. Now go ahead, open your presents." I'll leave the biggest box for last. Meara thought to herself. She opened the first present and found a large notepad with two mechanical pencils and a pen.
The second present contained a baseball cap with a pokeball on the front and a black and white bag that looked like it was used to contain berries, potions and many other items. The third present was quite heavy. Meara ripped off the wrapping paper and cut open the box with a camping knife she had gotten just the year before. She opened the box and, to her surprise, something fluffy and silver was laying inside on some blankets. She looked closer, and saw that there was a pokeball.
Meara took the pokeball and put it inside her new bag. Then she lifted the silver bundle out of the box and set it in her lap. Her eyes widened as the bundle moved a little, then sat up. "You got me a shiny eevee?!" She whispered to her parents. They just nodded. "The pokeball is for her, the eevee."
Meara brought out the pokeball, and suddenly the eevee was sucked inside. She pressed the button in the middle and the pokeball popped open. The eevee was back in her lap, except now it seemed to be, well, purring. "I'm going to name her... Luna." Luna looked up at Meara with her gray blue eyes, and they flashed yellow for a moment. "Professor Alder asked us to send you over to his lab tomorrow. He said he wants you to do something special for him." Meara nodded.
She played with her new best friend all day and went to bed very tired. Luna lay right next to her, and the two slipped into a peaceful, dreamless sleep. Meara woke the next morning at 7:00 to find Luna grooming herself on the other side of her loft bed. Meara smiled, then got ready for the day. She put on a lime green shirt with an eevee on it (Meara loved eevees!) and some blue shorts that almost reached her knees. She took her new baseball cap and put it on, grabbed her bag, and walked out of her room with Luna on her shoulder. Meara grabbed a banana from the family's fruit basket, wolfed it down, then walked out the door with a short goodbye.
She ran to the Professor's lab, and knocked on the door three times before letting herself in.