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Mira and Hanna

by NonAnalogue

mira and hanna.png
NonAnalogue “If it isn’t my two favorite explorers!”

Mira looked down the bar and saw a familiar sight: Wick sliding down towards them, eyes gleaming with barely-disguised avarice. She tightened her grip on her bag out of instinct. “What can we do for you, Wick?” she asked patiently.

“Oh, you think that just because I’ve happened to come across you two randomly in a bar, that means that I want something from you?” Wick had mastered the art of looking completely hurt while also looking like she didn’t mean it at all.

Mira gave Wick a stare.

“Well, you’re right. This time.” Wick grinned. “I’ve got a job for you, as it happens.”

Hanna slammed her mug down on the bar, having finished chugging her ale. “Sounds great! We’re always up for work!”

“We don’t even know what the job is yet,” Mira muttered.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry,” Wick said. “It’s nothing bad. There’s these ruins that have some powerful artifacts inside, but I can’t get in on my own. The monsters are too strong. I need some muscle along with me.”

Mira crossed her arms. “I don’t know,” she said, trying to ignore that Hanna was already slipping on her brass knuckles in preparation.

“Would it mean anything to you if I told you that I’d already gotten Saffron on board for support?”

“Fine.” Mira sighed and dropped some coins on the bar. “Let’s go find Saffron so we can get the details.”
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