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Minha Historia Como Treinador (TRANSLATE FOR ENGLISH)

by Lobao Player(felipe)

Lobao Player(felipe)
my first pokemon was litten nois we were together forever dps I captured mudkip it and litten n they got along very well but we won the 1 gym the stone then mudkip and litten evolved !!! litten evolved to torracat and mudkip to marshtomp dps I captured chespin and we left for the 2 gymnasium chespin evolved fast for quiladin we won the 2 gym torracat finally evolved to inscineroar and marshtomp to Swanpert there I went pro 3 and 4 gymnasium and the quiladin finally turned Chesnaught and I captured hidragon and an eevee that soon evolved to silveon Finally I arrived at the last gym I found a Goodra shiny that I captured and I won the last gym I would finally go to the league POKEMON !!!!!! ent this and my history as a coach and all my pokemons from here one time I will go to phase 2 part ! Do not forget to sign up for my YT Lobao Player channel! and thank you for reading My history as a coach (part 1/2) !!
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