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Mid-Evil Times: Mid-Evil PokeCharms

by Sylve Kipper

Sylve Kipper Kat- A ninja from the Kingdom of PokeCats. Is also part cat so with his cat like reflexes Sylve chose him as a ninja.- Hebi- A knight from Japan who wanted lots of attention so got off his Anime Chat Room and moved to the Kingdom of Charms.
Credulo- A very gullible man from Mexico. He was hired by Sylve to be a gambler with one rupee (here if you lose in gambling it's off with your head). Also so they don't have to pay the person much.
Sylve- The leader of the group of underdogs. Sylve is a wizard with a white robe and the only spell he knows is Avada Kedavra so he usually whacks people.
So with many fails in the future let's go on.
(In Japan 1416)
Announcer- Boat ride for Cebi!
Cebi- Oh that's me.
Announcer- Here you're going to the Kingdom of Charms right?
Cebi- Yep.
Announcer- Here.
(Cebi obtained the Pokeball)
Cebi- What is it?
Announcer- No one but people in that kingdom know.
Cebi- Well bye!
(In the Kingdom of PokeCats)
???- Ahhh!
??????- KAT!
Kat- Ugh yes Sensei?
Sensei- Come on your horse is here.
Kat- Oh ok.
(In the Village of Villagers)
?????- Here you go and you're name is Credulo?
Credulo- Yep and you are Sylve?
Sylve- Yep. Lets go back to the Kingdom of Charms. Also here.
Credulo- What is it?
Sylve- I can't tell you yet.
(In the Kingdom of Charms)
Kat- Hello?
Cebi- Who are yo.....
Sylve- Hello you guys must be Kat and Cebi?
Kat and Cebi- Yep!
Sylve- Well hi and this is Credulo.
Cebi- Wait doesn't that mean gullible in Spanish?
Sylve- Yes and here meet the Professor.
Prof. Oak- Hello students.
Cebi, Credulo, and Kat- Hi.
Prof. Oak- Everybody was given one of these?
(He shows the Pokeball)
Cebi, Credulo, and Kat- Yes.
Prof. Oak- Choose number between 1 and 721.
Cebi- 363!
Credulo- 498?
Kat- 41.
Sylve- 32.
(They all teleport)
Prof. Oak- Throw the ball at the monster.
(Cebi caught Spheal)
(Credulo caught Tepig)
(Kat caught Zubat)
(Sylve caught Nidoran Male)
Prof. Oak- Bye!
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