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Mewtwo and Mew Starlight Romance

by DemonMew

Mew x Mewtwo .jpg
DemonMew ~~Flying through an ocean of stars, two lovers embrace each other high up in the moonlit clouds~~

I have always shipped Mew and Mewtwo from Pokemon, I see very similar chemistry between them as is between me and my boyfriend, I will even tell him he is the Mewtwo to my Mew (which he hates because it is so corny! :3 teeheehee). It is also his 30th birthday today, sadly with Covid19 we couldn't do anything special (like fly amongst the stars), but when the pandemic is over I will give him a second birthday where we can go out and have fun. :angel:

Also, I dont believe the Mew from the first movie is related to Mewtwo in any way as Mewtwo was created from a fossilised Mew and had his gene code altered so he could become a weapon for Team Rocket. But as we have seen in one of the more recent Pokemon episodes, Mewtwo is capable of kindness and compassion as he rescues abused and neglected Pokemon from their cruel trainers and takes care of them, proving he doesnt "have the most savage heart among Pokemon" which is why else I believe even he is capable of love and Mew seems perfect for him :3

I love how this drawing came out, I hope to further improve and make even more beautiful works of art in the future. :love: