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by DemonMew

MewtwoXMew water colour.jpg
DemonMew Hey guys! :love:

I have finally finished my Mew and Mewtwo water colour painting. I am sorry I havent been on here in a while, just had a lot of stuff on, but I will do my best to keep uploading artwork onto here.

I adore this shipping as I feel that Mew and Mewtwo would make a perfect couple and their personalities work well :3 (also Mewtwo is not a clone of this Mew as he was cloned from a fossil Mew so these two are not related at all). I also gave them hair because I thought it would be cute. Pokemon look so adorable with hair! :3 In this drawing, they are both flying and watching the stars together.

Please let me know anyways I could improve with my painting as I am still quite new to water colours and I cannot afford any decent paint sets or water colour paper at the moment, but I will work on that in the future :3 I would love to improve my skills with water colours though so any useful feedback is welcome :angel:
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