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Mew Mew International: Mew Mew International : Adriana Barros/Mew Mew Neapolitan

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Name: Adriana Barros A.K.A. Mew Mew Neapolitan
Gender: Female
Appearance: She has light brown skin, brown eyes, and brown hair stopping just short of her neck. She favors jeans and halter tops, some of her favored colors to wear pale pink, cream, and dark purple. Her casual footwear is black and white sneakers.
Red Data Animal: Ocelot
Transformed Appearance: The left side of her hair is pink, while the right side is white. Her dress is identical in style to Zoey’s (Mew Mew Power), The left side is pink, the right is brown, and there is a thick white stripe down the middle of the dress. The gloves and boots are also identical in style to Zoey’s, with the left glove, boot, arm garter, and only leg garter being pink, and the right glove, boot, and arm garter being brown. She has the ears and tail of an ocelot, with a bow with a bell on it like Zoey’s. The left side of the bow is pink, the right side is brown, and the bell is white. Her Power Pendant hangs from a white choker. Her skin and eyes remain their natural colors.
Mew Mark: A pink ocelot head with the markings and nose “cut out”, revealing her natural skin color. It is located on the inside of her right thigh.
Weapon/s: Neapolitan Ringer- A weapon nearly identical to Zoey’s Strawberry Bell, since it lacks the stem. It is heart shaped, with the left side being pink while the right side is brown. The bow is white, with the gem in the middle of it being a darker shade of white with the Mew Mark in it being even darker. The bell is silver in color.
Attacks: Neapolitan Ringer, Full Blast : consists of Mew Neapolitan aligning the heart-shaped jewels on both her glove and the Ringer and rising into the air, surrounded by multi-colored sparks. She then blasts enemies with a rainbow colored energy blast from the Neapolitan Ringer.
Other: Lives in Juiz de Fora. Default leader of Mew Mew International.